Gud Se Meetha Ishq 30th July 2022 Written Update: A new beginning for Kajal in Khurana House


Gud Se Meetha Ishq 30th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kajal saying to Neil that she already told him everything and now there is nothing left for him to know hence he can now happily move on with Pavitra and start a new life. Let me handle my life in my way from now on. Pavitra saya from behind that don’t you get what Kajal says? They turned back and saw Pavitra was there also. She comes inside the temple and says to them that she wants Neil to come with her and be assured about this marriage.

Kajal goes and puts their hands together in the temple and says you both are made for each other hence you two should be together always. Pavitra leaves from the temple holding the hand of Neil and Kajal breaks down seeing them together with each other. Dev comes and tries to console Kajal and she says to him this chapter is over and closed forever from my life and I have to accept and move on from it.

Now from tomorrow onwards we will focus on the fact that we have to stop the marriage of Pari and Mathur at all possible costs. Neil on the other hand told Pavitra that I am not playing around by saying I will marry you, I respect your feelings and I will fulfill it but you also have to fix your mind and have to stop doubting me in every drop of hat. They leave for Khurana House and Kajol watches them going from a distance.

On the other hand, the next morning the entire house is in a rush as all are trying to wrap up the work as soon as possible as there are two marriages that are going to take place in the house and so much work has to be done in such a short span of time.

Dev comes to their house in the morning and says that since I know that you all must be busy with the headache of two marriages I thought to do some help and hence I am here and I have someone with me as well. He welcomes in the house a disguised Kajal and introduces her to everybody saying that he is one marriage decorator and is very efficient in his work so you all don’t need to be worried at all as he will be managed all on his own and he has his team as well.

The members of the family get happy to see that a marriage decorator is here for their help and at the same time Pari comes down and she also needs him and says that your name short form sounded like Kaju, which is very funny and unique at the same time.

She explained to Kajal what kind of decoration she wants in her marriage, thinking her to be the marriage decorator and cousin also took notes of everything. At the end, Kajal told everyone how she had planned the getup and entire decoration and said that I will do some extraordinary decoration and will make it look like a grand wedding in this budget so you don’t need to be worried at all.

Precap – Neil catches Kajal talking on the call with Dev.

Episode begins with Pari telling Neil about Kajal wearing vermillion in her partition and she promising her to not tell anyone about it. Neil gets shocked to know this and he immediately worked out of the room while Pari is continuously talking about the marriage and the outfits and she thinks that Neil is still standing behind her but when she turned around and didn’t find him, she got annoyed.

At the same time, Neil’s phone rings and Pari finds out that he left his phone with her. She picks up the call. On the other side, Neil reaches the house of Dev and he lets him in and says that he wants to talk to Kajal for some clarification. He says when we talked yesterday it feels like there is some emptiness, incompleteness in her words. I want to know about that from her. I want to know about all of that.

Pavitra thinks Neil picks up her call and she goes on with her rants about how she is thankful and happy that finally they are getting married and he agreed to it as well. She says that my parents are really happy with the way your family treated them. Pari told her that she is not Neil and he just flew away in a blink of an eye while they were having some important discussion about their marriage.

In Dev’s house Pari first refuses to come in the front but then she does and asks Neil what he wants to know from her and why? He says that he wants to know what she didn’t tell him. She says to him that she told everything that he needs to hear and know. Pavitra gets angry to know that Neil again went to meet Kajal and she thinks even after all of these, Kajal is a permanent part of her life. She told her parents to leave and she will reach there on time after getting ready.

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