Gud Se Meetha Ishq 6th August 2022 Written Update: Dev offers to marry Pari


Gud Se Meetha Ishq 6th August 2022 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Dev tells Khuranas that he has no problem in keeping Kajal at his house as he considers her as his sister. He adds that both he and Kajal are aware of the relation they share but not the outsiders, he is bachelor so if Kajal stays with him society can misjudge them. Urmi asks him not to worry as they will arrange a PG or ladies hostel for Kajal. Dadi stops her and says that Khuranas have big hearts and Kaju can stay at their place. Dadi asks Kajal to stay there only. Everyone looks happy including Neel. Kajal says that she will stay but has a condition. She says that if she stays there, she will be to take care of Pari. Khuranas agree for it.

Pari throws away stuffs at her room and cries holding her lehenga and doll. Neel tells Kajal that he wants to talk to her. Kajal goes on and says that he doesn’t need to thank her etc. Neel asks her to listen to him. He compliments the Kajinder look of Kajal and says that he wants to see her in that get up always as she was looking very cute. Both of them smile at each other. They bend down to pick up something, Kajal removes her dupatta. Neel sees her sindoor. Pari says that she will go and give juice to Pari. Kajal sees that Pari has messed up her room and sleeping. She calls Pari and says that she has brought her favourite orange juice. Pari breaks the glass and starts pushing Kajal for Madhur’s incident. She beats Kajal.

Kajal gets injury on her head. Pari doesn’t stop and strangles Kajal’s neck. Dev and Neel reach there and try to stop Pari. Nutan comes and scolds Pari for her actions. Dev questions Pari for beating Kajal. Pari blames Kajal for Madhur’s arrest and asks that who will marry her now, how can she get married now. Dev tells Pari that marriage is important in life but it doesn’t mean that everyone has to get married. Pari doesn’t listen and says that marriage is must for girls etc. Dev tells Pari that if marriage is that much important for her then he is promising her that she will get married on the fixed date only. Pari asks who will marry her as Madhur is in jail. Dev says that he will marry Pari. Everyone looks shocked.

Dev says that he will marry if Pari and her family agree for the alliance. Neel requests Pari and his family to consider Dev’s proposal. He adds that he has full faith in Dev. Nutan says that they will discuss within themselves. Pari asks Dev to stay away from her. Neel asks Dev to give Pari some space. Jaidev tells others that why Dev wants to marry Pari all of a sudden. Neel questions them for questioning Dev’s intention. He says that they can’t find better groom for Pari. Dev says that Khuranas are right to judge him as they don’t have much knowledge about Dev’s proposal life. Dev says that he wants to tell everything about him and his family before Khuranas and Pari. He adds that Pari will take the final decision after listening everything. Dev says that he has a brother, sister in law and a nephew in his family. Neel’s mother asks if Dev’s family will accept Pari like him. Pari’s dad asks why Dev stays alone inspite of having a family. Dev says that he had a marriage earlier. The episode ends.

Precap – Nutan tells Pari that he will not return and she will stay alone. Neel tells Dev that if Pari can take her stands today, Dev is the reason. Dadi tells Pari that if she wants to stop Dev from going away she should marry him.

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