Gud Se Meetha Ishq 7th June 2022 Written Update: Pari supports Neil and Kajal against the family


Gud Se Meetha Ishq 7th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Neil failing to make his family understand the situation even after telling them in detail. He told his father and mother she is helpless in this big city and I left her alone at first and she was about to get sold.

JD says I don’t care for anyone and also for that girl, whatever happens with her must be in her fate and I don’t want to change that. He says to Neil that as a father I am much more worried for you and your future than you who is getting worried for that girl. He says let me handle the girl and she cannot stay in this house at all.

He comes out from the room and directly goes to Kajal and says that just get out of my house right now. He throws money at her and says take as much as you want and maybe take all but just leave from my house and leave my son alone and Kajal gets teary eyed. Neil tries to stop his father first and then he shouts and asks him to stop.

He told his family that I thought that my family would support me and understand my situation. They will help me out to find a proper solution for this issue but it seems like I was wrong to assume that my family is that sorted and helping. Now I feel that I should not even come to you people with my problem thinking that you people are understanding enough to cooperate.

He says if Kajal goes out of this house then she will not go alone. I will also join her and will leave the house for sure. Pari overhears the entire conversation and she comes down with Dev and says that if Neil is going out of the house then I will also go out of the house and then she takes Neil and Kajal to a side and says that this is our team and that is your team.

She says to JD that now you have to decide who is more at numbers on one side when Dadaji says that as an elder of this house I am taking the call that Kajal will not go anywhere but stay with us in this house itself. We cannot ignore the fact that she saved the life of Neil and we all should be thankful to her for that.

He says to JD that I agree that you are the one who earns in this family but still being your father and the eldest most person of the house I am giving permission to Kajal to stay in the house because that is what should be done in this situation. Pari gets happy with the entire thing and gets happy for Kajal. However, Chavi is living no stone unturned to provoke the mother of Neil against Kajal and she says some degratory stuff about her.

Later on, Pari says that Kajal is married to Neil then technically she should stay in Neil’s room even if I wish both the newlywed brides stay in the same room and she smiles looking at her mother. However, Neil’s mom said that she will not even step inside my son because she isn’t worth it and she will sleep in the kitchen.

Precap – Pari welcomes Kajal with rituals in her room and says you will stay with me and from today we are best friends.

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