Gud Se Meetha Ishq 8th July 2022 Written Update: Mathur cancels the alliance with Pari


Gud Se Meetha Ishq 8th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pari is happy that her alliance is fixed and mother of the groom is ready to welcome Pari with two bangles. She says maybe it is small in size and we will make it again for you. Neel comes and grabs the collar of Mathur and says you are such a fraud human being who is trying to fake an image in front of everybody.

He says Mathur is married and he has a wife in his home. Mathur says that you people are blaming me without any solid proof and Neil told everyone that Kajal heard his conversation with his wife over the phone call when he was upstairs. He says that give me your phone and I will dial the last number and will find out with whom you are talking to. Mathur happily gives Neil his and his mother’s phone.

Neel called up on the last dialled number and the lady picked up the phone and said that she is his secretary and he called her to reschedule all his appointments for today as he is busy with a family function. Dev comes forward and says to her that the doctor left his phone in this place so can you give us his wife’s number so that we can contact her. To which she said that the doctor is not yet married so how come he will have a wife?

Mathur says I understand whatever Neel is doing because of the betterment of his sister Pari. However and relationship builds up on mutual respect and trust. In upcoming days after getting married to Pari, if she falls sick or something happens to her, you people will always blame me and that is something very clear to me now. Hence I cannot get married to her right now.

Pari says to him why he is leaving her and almost falls on his feet. Everyone in the house feels bad to see the state of Pari and they all try to control her but she is not ready to listen to anyone. She says all of a sudden that Neil is a bad brother and she will lock herself in her room if all of them did not bring back her groom in the house and she locked herself. Sonia as usual blamed Kajal and Bhumi tries to provoke everyone against her.

However Kajal did not move from her stand and said that whatever happened, happened for good because that person is a fraud. Later Kajal Neil and Dev together try to manage Pari and Dev told family members that you people never taught her to be independent or have self respect. All she believes and learned for her life is marriage, groom and that’s it. Neil told Kajal he doesn’t doubt her intentions.

Precap – Pari blamed Kajal for being bad friend and says I am not talking to you.

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