Gud Se Meetha Ishq 8th June 2022 Written Update: Pari welcomes Kajal in her room so cutely


Gud Se Meetha Ishq 8th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kajal agreeing with aunty and says I will sleep in the kitchen when Pari says no, kitchen got vegetables, spices and utensils so how can you let a human being stay in the kitchen ? Pari says Kajal will stay with me in my family. Nutan also says let Kajal stay with Pari. Neil goes to meet Pavitra and says I trust you the most and believes you the most. I always shared everything about me with you without any delay.

Now if you behave like this and think differently then how will it work for me? Pavitra says I love you Neil and you brought Kajal home, it is obvious that I will get insecure and jealous right? Neil understands her emotions and tries to cheer her up and she smiles at last. She says to Neil that I hope you will remain loyal to me and love me like always and I wanted your parents to be aware about us.

Neil says give me some time, I will surely talk to them about us. Neil’s mother notices everything and after Pavitra leaves, she asks Neil who is she and what is she doing here? Neil said she is Pavitra Kumar, daughter of the owner of Kumar and Kumar association law firm. She gets happy to hear this and says finally you made me relieved and decided that she will tackle Kajal in her own way.

Pari welcomes Kajal in her room in a unique style as she stops Kajal from entering normally and says that you have to wait for sometime at the doorstep of this room because I have to prepare for something and after that you can enter so wait. She gathered some pieces of paper in a mug and placed it at the doorstep of her room and asked Kajal to kick it softly like a new bride kicks a mug full of rice while entering a new house.

She says you are a new bride and no one will come to the way they should in the house but I have to make sure that you don’t feel bad. Kajal does what she says and she feels happy to see that Pari is doing everything to make her happy and smiling. Both of them get busy discussing their likes, dislikes with each other. Pari told Kajal that it was her dream to become a bride and this is why she always gathered knowledge on how a new bride behaves.

Kajal says to Pari the world today needs a heart of people like you and you have a big heart and innocent mind. You are really a good person. Pari says I am elder to Neil and Dhruv both but when Dhruv’s wife came,she didn’t touch my feet , did you?

Kajal immediately does that and blesses her. Both of them talked a lot with each other and Kajal finally feels happy and relieved after finding a person who truly wants her good in Pari. Pari says that from now on we are best friends. Here JD gets to know about Neil’s relationship from his wife and gets relieved. Ful Singh got released from jail.

Precap – Neil asked Kajal to sit with them at the dinner table for food but his mother says that all those people can sit at the chair who has the status of doing so. Kajal sits on the floor with her food and Pari joins in saying that we are best friends now so I will be with you. Neil also comes and sits besides him.

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