Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story 13th August 2020 : AKSHAT AND GUDDAN TRICK GANGA

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story, Latest News, Gossips, Twist
Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist On

The episode starts with Lakshmi and Durga trying to stop Guddan from whipping Akshat. Ganga asks her to start the game. Instead of Akshat, Guddan cracks the whip on Ganga who screams. Guddan apologizes and says that she did it by mistake because she didn’t know she was standing so close. She asks Ganga to stand aside. Ganga stands on side and asks Guddan to hit Akshat now but Guddan hits Ganga again. Ganga falls down screaming for pain.

Guddan says that she asked her to stand on side not beside her. Ganga says that she will decide where to stand now and goes to stand behind Akshat saying that she will be protected by Akshat now. Guddan says that it’s a very perfect and safest place. Everyone smiles. Guddan is about to crack the whip on Akshat but he bends down and the whip hits Ganga again.

She cries and says that she knows Akshat and Guddan are doing all this purposely. Guddan blames Akshat for cheating and he defends himself saying that he was tying her laces. Ganga asks them all to shut up and says that she can’t blame Akshat for the previous two times. Guddan says that she is her biggest fan and must be aware of how clumsy she is. She says that she shall whip Akshat in the room only and asks Ganga if she wants to come too. Ganga asks her to go alone with Akshat but warns that she will keep an eye on them from outside so they shouldn’t show any smartness.

Akshat and Guddan go to the room. Guddan gives her back to Akshat and starts shouting on him saying that she will beat him shutting the door because of his over smartness. Akshat understands that she is crying. Guddan shuts the door and then hugs Akshat crying because she is scared that Choti could be harmed by Ganga’s craziness. Akshat tries to comfort her. Guddan remembers Ganga saying that she left the phone in the room and says that there must be Choti’s location in her phone so they have to get it somehow. She asks Akshat to go to Ganga’s room through the window before Ganga comes while she will handle the whipping thing. She helps Akshat to sneak out from room through window while Ganga is in her room applying medicine on her wounds.

On the other hand, Lakshmi compliments Guddan for her ways which are best in the world. Avinash says that they are out of world but Akshat is no less since she always copies Guddan. Durga says that Guddan does it with good intention while Ganga uses her ways for bad things. Avinash says that Guddan won’t surely harm Akshat but is scared thinking what if Ganga comes to know about it. Durga prays. Saraswati enjoys her helplessness.

Akshat manages to jump out of room and ends up straight near the window of Ganga’s room. Ganga hears the thump and looks on. She is about to check the window but just then she hears the voice of Guddan hitting Akshat who is asking her to stop. Guddan is just hitting a puppet with recorded voice of Akshat. Family looks on. Durga wonders if Guddan is seriously hitting Akshat for Choti.

Ganga switches off the lights of her room and goes to peek in Guddan’s room. She can’t see properly because of curtains so she sees just the shadows but enjoys a lot and wishes to have such a chance to hit Avinash too. Guddan does acting of being frustrated with Akshat and scolding him. Ganga sits on an armchair and enjoys.

Guddan sits down near Lord Krishna’s little idol and apologizes for saying such bad stuff. She says that she is forced to do all this and prays to him to help Choti who is alone and hungry.

Meanwhile, Choti keeps crying seeing the milk bottle. The goon with her keeps complaining about her. Suddenly he hears the noise of someone knocking at door. He hides Choti and the baby cot and goes to open the door. Two pujaris are there and ask the goon if there is any problem because they heard baby’s cry. The goon lies that he is the only kid there and was busy praying. The pujaris see Krishna’s photo and says that they will give him bhog. They go inside and pray in front of Krishna’s photo. Choti is right behind Krishna’s picture. Before pujaris can see her, the goon start doing bhajan and they look at him. They praise him and leave. Choti sees the bhog the pujaris placed there and eats it.

On the other hand, Ganga asks Guddan not to stop and keep beating Akshat. Guddan says that she was just giving a break to him and starts doing acting again. She thinks that she has to do this for her husband and daughter.

Durga is worried that Guddan might be really whipping Akshat. Lakshmi says that she must know Guddan’s weird ways to handle situations. Durga wants to watch with her eyes but says that Ganga is right in front of the room. Avinash sees shadow moving in Ganga’s room and wonders who is there if Ganga is outside. Lakshmi guesses that it must be Guddan or Akshat. The latter finds Ganga’s phone and sees that she has called a certain number the most and decides to call it to find out about Choti.

However, Ganga’s goon notice the shadow in her room too and walks towards it to go to check. Lakshmi says that they have to stop him. Akshat is trying to call that number.
Episode ends