Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story 18th August 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story, Latest News, Gossips, Twist
Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist On

The episode starts with Guddan putting the sweet she made in front of Krishna’s idol. Lakshmi and Durga come with butter and laddu too. Guddan does the aarti and prays to get Choti back. Lakshmi and Durga pray too.

At the same time, Akshat prays in front of a Radha-Krishna’s photo and says that he knows that if he came earlier he would have gotten Choti and asks God to give him a possibility to take Choti back home since he doesn’t have the courage to go back to Guddan, his biggest devotee, with empty hands. He doesn’t want to celebrate first Janmashtmi without Choti so he asks God to do this last favour on him as he won’t ask for anything else after this.

Just then, the woman carrying the basket in which Choti is walks near Akshat. She is followed by two of Ganga’s goons. Akshat looks at the basket and feels something. He suddenly sees that a plate of glass is about to fall from a building on the woman and the basket. He rushes towards the woman and her hand and the basket pulling the two aside. The woman is grateful to Akshat for saving her life and says that she will pray for all his wishes to get fulfilled tonight at the pooja at her house. She walks away. Akshat looks at the basket and wonders why he is feeling like Choti is near him. He prays to meet Choti.

On the other hand, Ganga comes in the temple of the house and asks if Janmashtmi arrangements are done. Guddan ignores her and gives aarti to Lakshmi and Durga. Ganga asks Guddan if she is doing aarti to celebrate Choti’s comeback. Guddan replies that she will come to know when Choti will return. Ganga understands that the aarti is again just to ask God to get Choti back. She mocks Guddan who says that anything asked with heart is listened by God.

Ganga mocks her for such big dialogues but says that if Lord Krishna was listening then he wouldn’t let Akshat stay in room being ill and Durga getting burnt with boiling water. She suggests Guddan to stop all this since it is nonsense but Guddan refuses saying that she believes in it. Ganga says that she should get the “jot” since Krishna is surely listening to her.

Ganga takes aarti but her pallu takes fire after it drops on the diya. She starts screaming. Lakshmi wants to go and get water but Durga stops her. Guddan grabs plate with ashes and throws it on the fire so it gets extinguished. Durga says that it seems like God isn’t listening to her anymore. Durga says that she sprinkled sanitizer on her saree that’s why it might have taken fire but Guddan says that she is just paying for her bad actions. Ganga and Saraswati leave. Durga wipes Guddan’s tears and assures her that God is with Choti and she must be fine.

Meanwhile, goons are trying to get Choti from basket but the woman sees them following her through the rear-view mirror of a car. She grabs them and starts beating them. However, the two goons throw sand on her and escape with the basket in which Choti is. They sit on a bench and complain because they are in bad condition because of Choti. They wonder how her mother must be.

Patlu goes to get water and asks Motu not to remove eyes from the basket but Motu falls asleep and doesn’t notice Choti sneaking out from the basket. A delivery guy stops near her. He has a basket and is going to Jindal house to deliver samosa. Choti sneaks into his basket. The delivery boy leaves.

Guddan arranges the swing for Krishna and is sure that Akshat will bring Choti back and she will sit on it too. She imagines Choti dressed up as Kanha sitting on swing and gets emotional. Just then, the doorbell rings. Guddan thinks Akshat has come with Choti. She walks towards the door. Th delivery guy is at the door.

Guddan opens the door but is disappointed seeing that it’s just the delivery guy. The latter gives her the basket with Choti saying that it’s a parcel for Ganga. Guddan is about to hold the basket but Ganga comes and stops her holding her wrist. She says that she is Ganga and she is the one who ordered this food. She grabs the basket and goes to sit on sofa. Delivery guy leaves.

Ganga asks Saraswati to bring plate and spoons. Guddan wonders why she is feeling like Choti is in the house only but isn’t able to see her. She takes Choti’s name. She looks at the basket and walks towards it. Ganga looks at her. Before Guddan can touch the basket. Ganga takes it and asks Guddan to go to do arrangements for Janmashtmi.

Guddan says that she wanted to sanitize the basket but Ganga replies rudely and says she will do it herself. Guddan says that she can’t expect manners from her and turns around. She keeps looking at the basket while walking away.
Episode ends