Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story: AKSHAT HIDES THE TRUTH FROM GUDDAN

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story, Latest News, Gossips, Twist
Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist On

The episode starts with Guddan getting happy seeing the baby and saying that she has been looking for her since long. She promises not to let her go away from her ever. Akshat tries telling her that she isn’t their baby but Guddan is overwhelmed seeing her and says that she is just cheerful like her. She says that it is the best day of her life. Akshat wonders how to tell Guddan the truth and thinks that it isn’t fair to hide it too but Guddan is just too happy and asks him not to be sad or jealous seeing that the mother-daughter look same. Akshat tries to speak but Guddan says that she isn’t going to hand her over to him now as she will play with her and takes her inside. Ganga says that this is not done and Guddan and her daughter can’t unite.

Akshat remembers doctor’s words and then Guddan getting happy seeing the baby. He emotionally looks at Guddan. The whole family gathers around him. Akshat says that Guddan looks so happy and he doesn’t have the courage to tell her the truth. Ganga starts shedding crocodile’s tears and says that she can feel Guddan’s pain as well as the baby’s mother who must be searching the child everywhere. Lakshmi and Durga agree that they should support the truth only like Guddan has always taught them. Durga asks Akshat to tell the truth even though it’s difficult. Saraswati thinks that lots of entertainment is going on. Charulatha asks Akshat to go to tell the truth to Guddan. Akshat steps towards Guddan. Charulatha prays for God to give enough strength to Guddan.

Akshat enters in the room and Guddan asks him to tell her if the baby looks like her or not. Akshat recalls the family’s words. Guddan asks her to come out from shock and says that he shouldn’t feel bad as the baby looks 49% like him too but Akshat still doesn’t speak up. Guddan says that she doesn’t want their baby to be rude like him when she grows up. Akshat says that he needs to talk with her but Guddan says that first she has to show him something.

Guddan makes Akshat sit near the baby and puts her hand on his one saying that he should feel her heartbeat which is made out from their heartbeat. She says that they shall promise to never let their heartbeat go far from there and love her more than how they love each other. Akshat promises that. Guddan asks Akshat what he wanted to say. She says that her mood is very good today so she will listen to whatever he wants. Akshat makes an excuse and asks her to take rest with the baby while he will come back later. He leaves. Guddan talks to the baby and says that she is her fairy. She says that they will disturb everybody together in the house now and thanks her for coming in her life.

The family asks Akshat how Guddan is. They think that she must be broken. Ganga asks if she should call the doctor so that he can take away the baby but Akshat says that she won’t go anywhere as he felt her heartbeats and felt like she is part of him. He adds that there is a deep connection between the baby and Guddan too and he feels like everything is correct so he won’t let the baby go anywhere. Ganga is about to say something but Avinash stops her. Durga tries to make Akshat understand that it isn’t fair to snatch a baby from her mother. Akshat replies that it might not be fair but nobody has come to take the baby yet. He says that if someone who has left such a little child alone, he will talk in his way to that person. He declares that he is going to adopt the baby and nobody shall tell this truth to Guddan otherwise he will show a side of him that nobody has seen so far. He leaves. Charulatha asks the family not to doubt Krishna’s decision. She thanks God.

Ganga checks Avinash’s heartbeats. Avinash asks her what she is doing. Doctor comes and asks the same. Ganga says that she is trying to understand what enmity Avinash and Akshat have for them since they keep failing her plans. She threatens the doctor to put him behind the bars if he doesn’t take the baby away. On the other hand, Akshat talks on call to get legal papers for adoption. Meanwhile doctor refuses to do anything else saying that he told the lie he was asked to. Ganga threatens him reminding that he got the money. Akshat knocks at the door. They look on.

Akshat opens the door and finds the doctor only there. He goes to talk to him and says that he knows he cannot do anything about what happened but now he can’t snatch Guddan’s happiness. He requests the doctor not to tell the truth to Guddan but doctor says that it is professionally wrong. Akshat joins his hands in front of him and requests him but he refuses. Akshat says that if he doesn’t leave any other option to him, he will call his lawyers and maybe also the MP who can take away his job. He says that he can burn the whole world for Guddan but can’t see her breaking down. He requests the doctor to help him again. Ganga and Avinash are hiding behind the curtains. Akshat hears a noise and asks who is there.(Episode ends).