Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story : GUDDAN BELIEVES SHE CAN SAVE CHOTI

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story, Latest News, Gossips, Twist
Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist On

The episode starts with Guddan being tensed because less time is left. Ganga is happy as she is sure that Guddan won’t ever be able to make round roti. Saraswati thinks that she plotted so much against Guddan but always failed whereas Ganga keeps turning the tables. She thinks to get tuitions from her. Lakshmi prays God to help Guddan and not let her lose. Guddan is worried and tries to think something. Everybody prays.

Ganga starts the countdown from 10 and just when time is up, Guddan comes and says that she made the roti. Ganga looks shocked at a smiling Guddan who is holding a round roti. Saraswati and Guddan are shocked while others are surprised as well but happy. Akshat looks at the roti and says it is perfect. Saraswati asks Ganga to speak up now. Ganga wonders how it is possible. Guddan recalls making round roti with compass.

Ganga tries to understand how she did that. Guddan says that she won’t be able to get her ways. Ganga says that she is her biggest fan and knows everything about her. Guddan replies that now she can understand the difference between knowing and recognizing. She says that making round roti is not the proof of being a good mother but doing everything possible to keep her daughter safe is. She asks Ganga to make her talk with Choti now.

Ganga switches on the projector and shows Choti to the family. Ganga says that Choti won’t sleep if she sings from so far and then stands aside. Guddan looks emotionally at Choti. Akshat says that Guddan has always made Choti sleep with some weird and unique ways and asks how she will do now. Guddan replies that whole family will make her sleep together. She hears some bells and understands that the place where Choti is kept is near a temple. She thanks Lord Krishna for the signal.

Guddan starts singing “Chandaniya Lori Lori” for Choti holding a soft toy. Akshat comforts her. Lakshmi and then Durga join Guddan and sing the lullaby too. Avinash and Akshat look at Choti emotionally. Choti falls asleep. Guddan raises her hand to touch the screen but Ganga switches off the video saying that Choti has fallen asleep so now they can leave and wait for the next challenge. Guddan says that she has no idea how impatiently she is waiting for the next day so that she will be able to hold her baby in her arms. Ganga warns that it won’t be so easy. Guddan swears to have enough strength to save her daughter.

Later, Guddan sits near a small desk with Choti’s toys and photos. She is penning down something. Akshat asks what she is writing. Guddan replies that she is writing to Choti how much she loves and misses her. She says that it isn’t true that Choti is like her because she is even stronger than her since she is fighting there alone. Akshat says that she got all these qualities from her mother. Guddan says that they shall get some of her qualities too, therefore she won’t ever give up and, when she will come back, she will read all these letters and tell her how much they love her.

Akshat asks how she is able to stay strong in such tough times too. Guddan replies that she has his love, the family’s support and trust on Lord Krishna. She asks Akshat not to worry as Lord Krishna has promised to take care of their Choti. Akshat asks why he isn’t telling Choti’s whereabouts then. Guddan tells him that she heard bells when they were on videocall with Choti which means that a temple is near her and they will soon reach her.

On the other hand, Ganga is frustrated as Guddan won the first challenge. She is enraged and says that she will have to make the game even more difficult so that Guddan’s eyes and mouth will stay opened in shock.

The next morning, Durga, Saraswati, Lakshmi and Avinash are standing in the hall of the house and wondering what game will happen today. Just then, Ganga comes downstairs followed by her goons wearing Gabbar’s mask and holding a stereo on which “Khalnayak hoon mein” is playing. Akshat and Guddan come downstairs too.
Ganga breaks the stereo and then shows a crying Choti to the family. Choti is crying loudly.

Guddan claps and tries to calm her down. She wonders why she is crying. Ganga tells her that she is feeling hungry. Guddan says that she sent milk for her but Ganga replies that she will get it only when she will pass the next level of the game. Akshat bashes Ganga but Guddan stops her. Ganga says that it is good that she stopped.

Guddan shouts on her that she is silent just for Choti otherwise she doesn’t let bad win. Ganga says that she can win but only after the second challenge. She is about to turn off the screen but Guddan angrily shouts on Ganga saying that she won’t let the screen turn off until Choti is crying and even threatens Ganga not to spare her and her goons if Choti doesn’t get milk right now.
Episode ends