Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist 16th July 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story, Latest News, Gossips, Twist
Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

The episode starts with Guddan fainting and everybody getting shocked. However, it is just Ganga’s imagination. Ganga thinks that it’s time to turn her dream into reality and end Guddan and her baby. She says that they all should have the lassi she made before the competition. She is about to give lassi to Durga but Guddan stops her.

Guddan walks to Ganga and says that her timing is so correct. She takes the glass of lassi from Ganga’s hands and says that now she will show everybody how she will make malpua with the help of the tray on which Ganga brought lassi. Guddan starts mixing the glasses of lassi pretending to show how she will mix all the ingredients to make malpua. Ganga wonders how she will recognize which is the lassi with malpua now. Everybody praises Guddan for the way she has explained how she will make malpua.

Avinash comes and asks Ganga to give him the lassi since she makes the best one but Ganga refuses saying that she didn’t make lassi for her. Avinash says that everybody will try it together. He gives a glass to Charulata who drinks it and praises it. Avinash has lassi too. Ganga is shocked seeing that he isn’t opening his eyes but Avinash finally opens them and cannot stop praising Ganga’s lassi. Ganga wonders who will die today because of Ganga.

Akshat asks for a glass of lassi too. Ganga tries stopping him but in vain. Akshat starts coughing and everybody gets worried but he says that it’s only because he drank quickly. He says that the lassi is very tasty and everybody should have it. Lakshmi, Durga and Saraswati have the lassi too.

Only two glasses are left and Guddan gives one to Ganga asking her to taste it. Ganga forcefully makes Guddan drink the lassi. Guddan’s lassi doesn’t contain poison as well. Guddan only points out that it’s very sweet.

Only one glass is left and Avinash and Guddan makes Ganga drink it. Ganga realizes that, since everybody is standing alive, poison must be in her own lassi. In fact, when she gulps it down, she faints.

Later the doctor tells the family that Ganag consumed the poison. Charulata wonders how that happened since Ganga had the lassi she made and nothing else. The doctor says that there must have been poison in the lassi. Guddan understands what happened and says that there was poison in the lassi only. Everybody gets shocked understanding that Ganga wanted to kill Guddan. Avinash is unable to believe that but Charulata asks how she dared trying to kill her daughter-in-law. She says that Ganga will get punishment.

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Charulata walks in Ganga’s room followed by the family and shouts at Ganga asking her to get up. The nurse asks her to calm down since Ganga is in shock as she just lost her baby. Everybody is stunned. The doctor says that he was about to tell them that she was pregnant but she lost the baby because she consumed poison which caused internal bleeding.

Ganga sits up and cries realizing what happened. Durga scolds her blaming her sins for killing the baby. She asks Akshat to throw her out. Ganga cries and asks if they want to kill her now since she has already got the punishment. Charulata says that she didn’t lose the baby but killed her Avinash’s child. She adds that she won’t be forgiven for that and asks Avinash to take his wife and leave from the house since she cannot bear more pain at this age. She shouts at Avinash. Ganga asks her not to punish her husband because of what she did. Lakshmi and Durga wants Ganga to get out too but Guddan stops them.

Guddan says that she knows that Ganga made a mistake but before she could say anything more she faints. Everybody gets worried.

Later the doctor checks up Guddan who is unconscious. Akshat asks Avinash what lacked in their love and bashes him and Ganga. He warns them that he will forget their relation if something happens to Guddan.

The doctor tells them that Guddan is fine but she just felt tired after travelling which is normal in this condition. He asks everybody to take care of Guddan and let her have rest. He leaves. Akshat sits near Guddan and shows lots of concern for her. Guddan says that she hopes that their child will be courageous and won’t be always so scared like the father. They have a laugh.

Charulata says that she didn’t change her decision yet and she doesn’t want such people near Guddan who is pregnant so she asks Avinash and Ganga to get out. Avinash begs her not to separate him again from the family but Charulata is keen on her decision and doesn’t even listen to Guddan. She asks Durga to throw Ganga and Avinash out but Guddan orders her to leave Ganga’s hand since they won’t go anywhere. Durga leaves Ganga. Guddan says that Ganga has already got the punishment for what she did. Charulata says that she cannot take such a big risk but Guddan convinces her that they shouldn’t increase Ganga’s pain after she has lost her baby. She requests Charulata not to throw Ganga and Avinash out.

Guddan isn’t aware of the fact that Ganga hasn’t changed. Ganga thinks that she will take revenge of her baby’s death killing Guddan’s baby in her womb.(Episode ends)