Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story: The baby is named “Guddan”

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story, Latest News, Gossips, Twist
Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist On

The episode starts with the man showing birth certificate to Akshat and claiming that the baby is only theirs. When Akshat asks them why they had left the baby that day, they justified it with their poverty and requested him to give the baby. Akshat accepts to give them the baby but he has a condition and that is doing the DNA test. The couple gets shocked. Akshat says that he won’t snatch anybody’s piece of heart but can’t even give his own piece of heart like this. The couple accepts his condition. Akshat asks them to come the next day as now there is pooja going on. They leave.

On the other hand, Guddan asks the family why they are standing with such a face when the frauds are those two but Akshat will handle them. She asks Pandit Ji to continue the rituals and asks the family if they thought of a name. Akshat comes and says that he has thought the best name for baby. Ganga is frustrated to see him and hear him. Avinash asks him to control herself. Guddan tells Akshat that everybody looks so tensed. He calms her down saying that the couple shall be some diehard fans of them, but he handled them. Guddan asks him if he called the police but he replies that there was no need.

Akshat says that he thought of a great name for their baby. Guddan says that the name that will be finalized must be the one she decided only. Everybody sits down. Akshat is tensed as he recalls the couple’s words. The pooja starts. Ganga is very upset thinking that her plan failed again.

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Pandit Ji says that the pooja is done and now they should go ahead with naamkaran ritual. Guddan says that she is Guddan The Great’s baby so she will have a unique naamkaran. She says that she has always thought that they shall be positive in their life no matter what, and always believe in Lord Krishna, therefore she wants the baby to choose her name herself. Everybody is confused and asks how that is possible. Guddan explains that everybody shall write the respectively thought name on a chit and then the baby will pick up one. She says that nobody shall choose any name starting with x, y or z as she doesn’t want baby to be called last when in class they will ask for attendance. Pandit ji praises her idea.

Everybody starts writing the name on chit. Guddan asks Akshat to write the name she likes on his chit too so that it has more chances to get picked but Akshat refuses. Ganga looks at them and thinks that there is no use to choose the name when she will soon lose her identity.

Guddan asks Charulatha to start so Charulatha goes to put the chit in the bowl and then whispers to the baby that she isn’t Guddan and Akshat’s own baby but she feels like she is their own only. Then it’s Guddan’s turn and she whispers to the baby that she won’t leave her ever and asks the baby to select her chit only. Akshat asks her to let him do now. He puts his chit in bowl and then sits near the baby. He thinks that he doesn’t know how his own baby looked but he feels like she was like her only; she prays for her happiness and gets emotional. The rest of family do the ritual too. When it’s Ganga’s turn, she sits near her and says that her laugh is soon going to end. She smirks. The baby pulls her braid. Ganga asks her to leave it. Everybody starts laughing.

Guddan goes to help Ganga free her braid but suddenly she gets pushed and falls on floor, on a wire from which Ganga gets electricity current shock. Her face becomes black and hair get ruined. She starts hiccupping too. Everybody laughs seeing her condition. Guddan apologizes and says that they shall call the doctor. Avinash takes Ganga away.

Durga says that they will call the baby Choti Guddan only because she is just like her only. Guddan says that she is her blood after all. Askhat looks on.

The baby picks up the chit and Pandit Ji checks the chit and says that she has selected her name to be “Guddan”. Guddan is shocked and asks who wrote this name. Akshat and whole family says that they all wrote “Guddan” only. Akshat declares that their baby will be called “Choti Guddan”. Guddan tells baby that they are same to same and now also their name is same now. Akshat thinks that now this name will always protect the baby who will be able to do everything just like his Guddan.

At night, Akshat is sitting and recalling what happened. Durga comes and asks him why he isn’t sleeping. Akshat replies that he is waiting for a phone call. Durga says that she knows he is worried for the baby. Akshat replies that he feels trapped because the couple is claiming Choti Guddan to be their baby but his heart is not ready to believe that she is not his own baby. Durga says that they cannot deny the fact that baby is not theirs and they should face the reality right now before Guddan’s love for the baby increases and she won’t be able to get separated from her. She says that she chose her name to be Guddan so that the baby can stay happy like Guddan only and now he should trust his decision and let her leave.(Episode ends)