Harphoul Mohini 10th October 2022 Written Update: Mohini returns to Harphoul’s house


Harphoul Mohini 10th October 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Mohini notices her Kerala house key. She recalls that how Vijayan said that she don’t need anyone’s permission to come to her house when giving this key to her. She says that she won’t return to this village because Harphoul cut off all ties with her. She cries seeing the note she wrote about love signs. She asks God that why he showed these love signs to her when he planned to end the love story like this. She cries thinking the recent incidents.

Maai wonders that why Harphoul and Mohini are not picking the call. Harphoul cries recalling the moments he shared with Harphoul. He apologizes to Mohini. He says that his heart is breaking too. He says that Mohini won’t be able to fulfill her dream if she stayed with him then. He says that he prefers to become bad person than ruining Mohini’s dream.

Balwant tells Banwari to call Bhai ji. He informs Bhai ji that he fulfilled his promise. He says that Mohini waiting for her train in the railway station. Bhai ji praises him. Banwari tells Balwant that they should go to house. Balwant tells him that he has to finish Girdhari too. He asks him to tell Girdhari to arrive near railway station. Mohini calls Maai from landline number. She disconnects the call without saying anything.

Girdhari tells Balwant that 5 lakhs rupees is nothing before the proof. Balli gives 5 lakhs rupees to Girdhari. Balwant gets the pendrive. Banwari gives alcohol to Girdhari. Girdhari drinks alcohol. He realises that suitcase is empty. He throws the alcohol bottle away. Balwant forcefully makes him drink the alcohol. Girdhari runs from there. Banwari and Balli chases him. They catches him. Balwant stabs Girdhari. Girdhari loses his consciousness.

Mohini hears Harphoul’s voice and turns around happily. She realises that she hallucinated his voice and cries. She recalls that how she entered this village with Harphoul. She thinks that she won’t return to this village. She collides with Vijayan there. She gets shocked seeing her family there. Harphoul enters the house. Maai asks him that where is Mohini. She asks him that if he fought with Mohini again.

Vijayan tells Mohini that he yearned to see her. Shyamala tells Mohini that she missed her so much. Mohini hugs her father. She tells him that unbelievable things happening in her life today. He tells her that it happens. He asks her that what happened to her. Shyamala asks Mohini that if the latter did not miss her. Mohini hugs her. Shyamala asks her that if everything is fine. Mohini tells her that everything is fine. Shyamala asks her that what is the latter doing in the railway station. They misunderstands that Mohini’s sister told Mohini about their surprise. Mohini wonders that how can she tell her family that what happened with her.

Maai asks Harphoul that where is Mohini. Harphoul tells her that he dropped Mohini in the railway station to return to Kerala. She notices Mohini at the door. She tells Harphoul that he can’t joke like this again. Harphoul gets shocked seeing Mohini there.

Episode ends.

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