Harphoul Mohini 12th July 2022 Written Update: Balwant threatens Harphoul


Harphoul Mohini 12th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Balwant tries to attack Harphoul but Maai stops him and warns him. He says that Maai became brave. He asks Harphoul to learn it from Maai. He asks Saradha to bring tea for Maai. Maai asks him that don’t he feel ashamed of himself. She says that how he tried to kill Mohini and how he send letter to Mohini’s house. She asks him that if he is human being or what. Balwant tells Saradha that Maai accusing him and the latter staying silent. He asks her that if she thinks that he can do all that. He asks his guy that if anyone welcomed a couple like how he welcomed Harphoul and Mohini. Harphoul tells him that the latter should feel ashamed to treat Saradha like this. Mohini wonders that why all the windows and doors are locked.

Balwant tells Maai that the latter did not teach her sons, how to talk to elders. He accepts that he tried to kill Mohini and sent letter to Mohini’s house. He asks her to give complaint against him in the police station. He says that they don’t have any proof against him. He mockingly asks Saradha to become witness. Maai asks him to not underestimate them. Balwant asks Harphoul to take care of Mohini because accidents are common in this village. And anything can happen to Mohini. Harphoul gets angry. He warns him to not take Mohini’s name.

Mohini thinks that Harphoul fighting with someone. Shalini taunts her for not doing anything. Harphoul and Balwant tries to attack each other. Harphoul’s friends holds Harphoul. Balwant’s guys holds Balwant. Santok tells Maai that they should leave. Maai tells Balwant that she won’t leave him if he hurted her family then.

In the house, Harphoul says that how dare Balwant to talk about Mohini’s accident in front of him. Santok tells Maai that she took stand for Mohini but not for him. She tells him that she don’t want him to remember his past. She adds that he is responsible for his condition. Harphoul says that he won’t let anything happened to Mohini because of their enmity with Balwant. Meanwhile, Mohini finds Harphoul’s kurta which is filled with blood. Santok tells Maai that they should tell Mohini about Balwant so she can stay alert. Harphoul tells his friends that Mohini should not leave the house alone no matter what. Balwant asks his guy to watch Mohini’s activities.

Santok locks the door. Shalini calls Balwant and asks him that what he did that her family because they are locking all the doors and windows. Maai cries recalling Balwant’s words. She thinks that she won’t let Balwant hurt Mohini. Mohini comes there and asks her about Harphoul. Maai tells her to talk to Harphoul tomorrow and take rest today. She shows the room to her and leaves from there. Harphoul enters the room. She asks him to remove his kurta. But he refuses. She holds his hand and spots blood.

Episode ends.

Precap – Harphoul asks Mohini to close the window. Balwant orders his guy to shoot Mohini.

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