Harphoul Mohini 13th June 2022 Written Update: Harphoul saves a life


Harphoul Mohini 13th June 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with a kid screams for help. Everyone gets worried seeing him hanging to save his life. Harphoul’s friend calls Harphoul and the latter comes there. Harphoul goes to kid and tries to rescue him. Village people says that Harphoul can’t rescue the kid and asks him to back off. But Harphoul rescues the kid with his friends help. Kid’s mother gets relieved seeing that and hugs her son. Village people claps for Harphoul. Harphoul’s brother also sees everything. Kid’s parents thanks Harphoul.

Mai comes there with broomstick. She throws a shirt at Harphoul and beat him up with broomstick. He asks her to leave him. Kid’s mother asks Mai that why the latter beating her good son. Harphoul says that his mother is mad and runs from there. Mai follows him and tells him that she won’t give food to him today. He enters the house and asks his sister in law Shalini to save him. Mai beat Shalini beat up by mistake. Harphoul laughs seeing that. Shalini tells him that she will take revenge on Harphoul for this.

Harphoul’s brother laughs seeing everything. Mai notices him and asks him that if he could not help his younger brother. He asks her that if she really thinks that he can help Harphoul with his one leg. She tells him that he should have stopped Harphoul at least. Shalini tells her that Harphoul makes mistake always but Mai scolds her husband for that. Mai tells her that she can say anything to her son. Harphoul’s brother and Shalini goes inside. Harphoul tells Mai that once their land becomes fine he will take his brother to the Delhi hospital for the surgery. She asks him to not keep so much hope because her village is cursed one.

In the Kerala, Mohini buys medicines. On the other hand, nurse Saroj and others waits for Mohini. Mohini reaches the house and helps Saroj in the delivery. A lady gives a birth to a girl. Mohini gives the good news to everyone. After some time, Saroj tells Mohini that the latter got medical seat but why she didn’t study MBBS. Mohini tells her that if she spend so much money for her studies then how her sisters will study that’s why she became a Nurse. Saroj calls Mai and Harphoul picks the call and talks to the former. Mohini thinks that Harphoul is so loud. Saroj informs Mai about delivery and also about Mohini’s help. She praises Mohini. Mai tells her that Harphoul saved a life today. Mohini also hears that.

In the Haryana, everyone celebrates Vaishakhi. One man Balwant comes there with his goons and dances with Harphoul. Everyone stops dancing seeing Balwant Balwant tells Harphoul something which shocks the latter. Meanwhile, Mohini celebrates Vishu. Mohini’s brother joins his family for the puja. Mohini notices him crying and asks him that what happened. Harphoul’s friends asks Harphoul that what happened. Harphoul leaves from there. Mohini recalls her brother’s cry and walks aimlessly.

Episode ends.