Harphoul Mohini 14th July 2022 Written Update: Mohini sneaks out of the house


Harphoul Mohini 14th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Mohini fixes the door of the bathroom temporarily. The door gets fall down. Harphoul hears that noise and comes out of his room. Mohini comes out after taking bath. He gets memorized seeing her. She notices him so he turns around. He hears the door knocking sound and he opens it. Maai and Shalini enters the house. Mohini tells Maai that she wants hammer so she will go to market to buy it.

Maai tells her that the latter can’t leave the house for the next two weeks. Mohini thinks that how can she stay in the house for two weeks without going outside. Maai gives the gift money to Mohini which Saroj gave her. Harphoul leaves the house and he forgets to lock the door. Mohini notices that and she sneaks out of the house. Harphoul sees Mohini outside the house and he thinks that it’s danger for her to roam outside. He drags her inside the house. Mohini tells him that she wants hammer. He tells her that he will bring it and leaves the house.

Mohini tells Maai that she wants to talk to her. But Maai changes the topic. Balwant scolds Tauji for failing to shoot Mohini when she came outside. Harphoul asks Sarpanch to announce that his land belongs to him only because he won the challenge. Sarpanch tells him that they will keep Panchayat later. Harphoul leaves from there angrily.

Maai tells Mohini that she is going to take bath. She asks her to not go anywhere. Mohini wonders that why the doors and windows are locked. She assumes that Maai would have felt bad when village ladies insulted her that’s why she is not allowed to go out. She decides to buy hammer and leaves the house. Shalini sees that. Harphoul returns and he tells Maai that he won the challenge still Sarpanch is not announcing the decision, because Sarpanch is Balwant’s guy. They realises that Mohini left the house. They searches her.

Abhimanyu says that village people should not know that Mohini is missing or else Balwant’s guys will get to know about it too. Balwant’s guy hears that. Santok calls Mohini and learns that she left the phone in the house. Maai asks Shalini that why the latter let Mohini leave the house.

Mohini notices the temple. She prays to God. She sees kids playing. She plays with them. Tauji comes there and tells Balwant that Mohini is in front him so he will finish the work. Mohini falls down and kids laughs at her. Tauji hides seeing Harphoul coming that way. Maai calls Harphoul and asks him that if he found Mohini. He tells her to not disturb him and let him search Mohini.

Balwant flirts with Devayani. Shalini comes there and tells Balwant that Mohini and Harphoul don’t share a room. She says that Mohini started using house bathroom. She adds that Mohini left the house. He asks her to return house or else her family members may search her. Tauji calls Balwant and tells him that he will kill Mohini at any cost.

Episode ends.

Precap – Balwant’s bull chases Mohini and she falls down. Maai prays to God for Mohini’s safety.

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