Harphoul Mohini 15th November 2022 Written Update: Devi uses her power on Shalini and Harphoul


Harphoul Mohini 15th November 2022 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Mohini recalls Goddess words about Devi. Shalini tries to overhear Mohini and Devi’s conversation. Devi makes her deaf for few minutes using her power. She tells Mohini that she can’t sleep without hearing a story. Mohini tells her that she don’t know any story. Devi asks her to read book for her. She says that there is a book in the cupboard. Mohini takes the book and she starts reading it. She tells her a story of Goddess Mahakali. She thinks that she understood everything.

Police comes there. Maai asks them that what are they doing there. Mohini brings Devi out of the room. Shalini starts hearing everything. Police inspector says that he received complaint against Harphoul and Mohini of stealing a kid. Maai tells him that Harphoul and Mohini did not stole Devi. Police inspector asks them that if they are relatives of Devi. Mohini tells him that she brought Devi to her house for Devi’s protection. She informs him that she found Devi in the temple.

He asks her that if they tried to find Devi’s parents. She says that he can write complaint now. He tells her that it’s not works like that. He says that Devi can’t stay there. He orders lady constable to take Devi. Mohini tells him that Devi is safe there. He warns her to not interfere in his job. Police takes Devi from there. Harphoul holds Mohini. Mohini pushes him and she runs behind police jeep. Maai asks Harphoul to support Mohini. Harphoul leaves from there in his bike. Shalini informs everything to Balwant. Balwant laughs reading Shalini’s message.

Devi notices Mohini. Mohini falls down while running. Harphoul takes her to police station. He asks her that what she will tell to police. She sits outside the police station saying that she won’t leave from there. He tells her to accept it as God’s decision. She tells him that she won’t leave without Devi. He asks her that why she is attached with Devi this much. She tells him that she can’t tell the reason to her. Devi comes out of the police station. Mohini gets happy seeing her and she hugs her. Police inspector tells Harphoul that lady constables went to commissioner office for urgent meeting so they can take Devi with them. Later, Balwant scolds Police inspector.

Maai hopes that they finds Devi’s parents as soon as possible. Everyone goes to eat. Harphoul says that he is not hungry. He asks for milk. Maai tells him that milk is not in the house. Devi feeds Harphoul saying that he will get hungry after eating this. Harphoul feels hungry and starts eating roti. He eats lot of roti. Maai says that they don’t have flour now. Devi smiles. Mohini makes rice for Harphoul. He drinks water from Devi’s hand and his hunger gets over. He understands that Devi is behind this. Balwant calls Shalini and asks her to do something.

Episode ends.

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