Harphoul Mohini 18th July 2022 Written Update: Maai reveals the truth to Mohini


Harphoul Mohini 18th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Mohini tells Harphoul to stop the bike. He asks her that what happened. She shows hardware store to him. She says that she was searching it only. She adds that she will sneak out of the house again if he does not let her buy hammer then. She moves towards the store. He tells statue to her. She stops moving. He picks her and makes her sit. He tells her that he will buy hammer. He goes to the store and buys hammer. He gives it to her. He tells himself that normally wife asks for bangles and jewels from husband but she asks him to buy hammer. They leaves from there. Mohini sees Balwant’s house. She recalls that how Harphoul fell on her. They reaches the house. She notices the tempo mirror. She wonders that why they are hiding the truth from her.

Maai gets emotional seeing Mohini. She says that she is glad that the latter is safe and she hugs her. Mohini recalls that how Maai asks for pain killer name. She tells her that the latter did not accept her as a part of this family still. She adds that she is angry at Maai. Harphoul scolds her. She says that she shared everything with Maai but Maai lied to her. Maai tells her that she did not hide anything from her. Mohini asks her about Harphoul’s bullet injury. She says that Maai bought pain killer for Harphoul but lied to her. She tells Harphoul that even he lied to her. She tells Maai that the latter supported him in his lie.

On the other hand, Balwant calls Bhaai ji. He apologizes to him for not able to pick his call. He gets happy hearing the other side and disconnects the call. Harphoul asks Mohini to not interfere in this matter. He asks Maai that why the latter listening Mohini. He says that this is why he did not wanted to marry an educated girl. He tells Mohini that he will tell her everything. Santok asks him to not say anything because the latter may regret later. Harphoul reveals that he got shot that day while saving Mohini.

Balwant tells Tauji that Bhaai ji coming to his house. He asks him to bring a photographer to click their photo. He says that he will become minister soon. Mohini says that she don’t know anyone in the village then why anyone will try to kill her. Maai takes her to a room and locks the door from inside. She tells her that only she knows the whole truth. Mohini asks her to share it with her. Maai shows her husband’s photo to her. She says that this photo brings bad memories to her. She tells her that these kinds of attacks happened with them in the past too.

She says that Balwant is behind this attack. She reveals that Balwant is her husband’s brother. She says that her father in law never treated his sons equally. She says that her husband let her study after marriage too. But her father in law was against it. So her husband left the house. And her father in law gave land to them. She says that Balwant instigated her father in law agianst them. She reveals that her husband died when he went to meet Balwant. She adds that no one knows this truth not even her sons.

Episode ends.

Precap – Balwant says that no one can stop him. Other side, Mohini talks to Harphoul’s father photo and she says that she will fight against Balwant and she will win too.

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