Harphoul Mohini 19th July 2022 Written Update: Mohini vows to take revenge on Balwant


Harphoul Mohini 19th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Maai tells Mohini that cops brought her husband’s dead body. And she did not had any proof to prove her husband’s murder that’s why she stayed silent. She adds that she did not even cry for her sons sake. She says that Harphoul can take revenge on Balwant but it can ruin her son’s life that’s why she did not let anyone know the truth. She cries saying that she can’t afford to lose her sons.

She says that Balwant is behind this attack still she could not do anything because she don’t have any proof. She shows her husband’s pillow to her. She says that this pillow reminds her that she will get justice for her husband’s death one day. And she will get revenge on Balwant for sure. Mohini promises to her that she won’t tell anyone about it. She says that she is proud of her. Maai says that she is feeling relieved now. Mohini tells her that now she feels like she is part of this family.

Meanwhile, Harphoul thinks that he won’t let Balwant hurt his family. Mohini talks to Harphoul’s father photo. She says that she will fight against Balwant and she will win too. Maai tells her husband that she feels like they will get justice soon because of Mohini. Mohini wipes her tears out. Maai asks her to stay alert. Mohini tells her that she will handle Balwant. She says that Harphoul will question her but she won’t tell the truth to him. She promises to take revenge on Balwant. She apologizes to her for getting angry at her. Maai asks her to not apologize.

Harphoul knocks the door. He tells Maai that the latter need not to convince Mohini. Mohini opens the door and she apologizes to him. He goes to his room. Mohini apologizes to Santok. He asks her to not apologize for small things. Harphoul asks Mohini to apologize properly. She accepts that she got angry unnecessarily. Maai scolds Harphoul for not forgiving Mohini. He tells her that she takes Mohini’s side always. Mohini apologizes to Harphoul again. He tells her that he will think about it and leaves from there.

Next day, Balwant gives gold coin to police officer. He informs him about Bhaai ji’s arrival. He says that his dream project is national high way road. Police officer tells him that no one can stop him. Balwant says that Harphoul is mad that’s why not he is not giving his land for this project. On the other hand, Mohini makes coffee for Maai. Maai offers coffee to Shalini. But Shalini refuses to drink it. Harphoul hurts his arm while doing his work. Mohini changes his bandage. Balwant says that he can save 10 crore rupees if he used Harphoul’s land for highway project. He adds that he will become minister soon.

Mohini asks Harphoul that why they can’t fight against Balwant. She says that she knows that Balwant is powerful but they are not weak. Harphoul tells her that everyone is with Balwant so they can’t stand against him. She tells him that they can win if they fought together then. He asks her that what she can do. She tells him that she has an idea.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mohini goes to give complaint against Balwant. And Balwant knows about it.

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