Harphoul Mohini 20th July 2022 Written Update: Balwant learns about Mohini’s complaint


Harphoul Mohini 20th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Mohini takes her family to police station. Mohini tells Harphoul that senior officers comes to this police station and Balwant can’t control them. She says that if they gave complaint there then local police station officers will be pressurized too. Maai asks her that if they won’t end up in any problem. Mohini tells her that this is their first step against Balwant and it’s necessary. Constable asks Mohini that whom they want to meet.

Mohini says that she want to meet SHO ( station house officer ). They goes to SHO and he turns out to be the one who took gold coin from Balwant. Mohini tells him that she came to give complaint. He asks her to come tomorrow. She tells him that he has to do his duty or else she will go to SP. He asks her that what’s her complaint.

She tells him that Balwant attacked Harphoul so she came to give complaint against Balwant. He learns that Mohini is Harphoul’s wife. He taunts Harphoul and Santok for saying silent. He asks Harphoul to return home with his family members.

Mohini tells him that she won’t leave without meeting SP. He questions her upbringing. She tells him that she won’t return without completing her work. He asks her to wait outside for 2 days to meet SP. They goes outside. Harphoul tells Mohini that no one will accept complaint against Balwant. Santok agrees with Harphoul.

Mohini learns that SP’s car coming. She asks Harphoul that why he married her if he can’t support her then. She talks loudly so SP can hear her. She says that SP will accept their complaint for sure. She hopes that SP hears her and SP hears her.

 He asks Constable to send Mohini’s family inside. Maai praises Mohini. SHO asks Mohini to leave from there. Mohini tells SP that SHO did not accept their complaint. SP asks SHO to send them to his cabin. Mohini’s family enters the cabin.

SHO goes to Balwant and tells him about Mohini. Mohini complains about Balwant to SP. She shows the tempo mirror photo to him. SP tells her that he wants solid proof and without that he can’t write FIR. He adds that he can do one thing. He informs them about CrPC. He calls SHO and asks him to send a warning to Balwant to stay away from Mohini’s family.

SHO tells Balwant that he can get jailed for two years under CrPC law. SP tells Mohini that now Balwant won’t try to attack them. SP learns that Mohini is from Kerala. He tells her that he is from Chennai. Meanwhile, Balwant says that he met a enemy on his standard finally.

Later, Maai and Harphoul’s friends praises Mohini which irritates Harphoul. Mohini offers sweets to everyone. Harphoul refuses to take it. She keeps the plate on the table and goes inside to talk to her father. Harphoul takes sweets without anyone’s knowledge and eats it. But Mohini catches him red-handed. They stares each other ( Title song plays in the background ).

Episode ends.

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