Harphoul Mohini 20th September 2022 Written Update: Maai orders Mohini to work in the rice-field


Harphoul Mohini 20th September 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Harphoul throws bangles and flowers away which shocks everyone. He recalls that how Devyani gave those things to him. He tells Mohini that those things are not for her, but for him, because he is not a man of the house anymore. He says that she want to be the man of the house that’s why she decided to work in the dispensary without asking him. Mohini gets shocked hearing him. He tells her that this house ladies can’t go out of the house to work. He asks her that what’s the need to work. Maai scolds him. Harphoul asks her to not interfere. Devyani asks Shalini to make a video of Harphoul and Mohini’s fight and sent it to her.

Harphoul tells Mohini that he won’t give her permission to work. Mohini asks him that why she will ask permission from him. She tells him that she is his wife not his toy. She says that he can’t control her. He tells her that he is a man. He warns her to not raise her voice in front of him. She tells him that why should she ask his permission when she is not doing anything wrong. Santok asks them to not fight like this. Mohini asks Harphoul that who is he to talk to her like this. Harphoul tells her that he is her husband.

She tells him that she is his wife not his servant. She says that she is not scared of him. She tells him that she is a human being not furniture. She asks him to lower his voice if he don’t want her to raise her voice then. He tells her that he won’t dance on her tune. He says that he prefers to die than living with her earning. She tells him that she understood that he don’t care about her dreams and feelings. She asks him that if he can’t understand her dreams like her family. She says that being nurse is not just her passion but her identity too. Santok asks Harphoul to calm down.

Mohini tells Harphoul that ladies also have rights to choose their career like men. Harphoul tells her that she can’t leave the house to work. She tells him that she will leave the house to work in the dispensary. Harphoul’s friend scolds Harphoul. Harphoul pushes him. Maai is about to slap Harphoul but stops herself. She says that Mohini need not to work in the dispensary. She orders Mohini to work with Harphoul in the rice field from tomorrow. Shalini records everything and she sends it to Devyani.

Devyani shows the video to Balwant. Balwant enjoys seeing that video. He asks Bhaai ji to save him. Shalini stops Santok from using her phone. Mohini feels bad seeing her family photo. Next day, Maai gives tiffin box to Mohini. Mohini and Harphoul reaches the rice-field. Mohini gets drenched in the rain when trying to stop the water flow. She cries saying that she is useless.

Episode ends.

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