Harphoul Mohini 21st July 2022 Written Update: Bhaai ji warns Balwant


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Episode begins with Harphoul sees Mohini putting so many photo frames on the wall. He asks her that what is she doing in his room. Mohini tells him that, that’s her room too. He gets emotional seeing his father’s photo. He says that he just saw his father in photo. And he never got a chance to hear his father’s voice. She tries to cheer him. Santok asks Harphoul to get ready to leave for bazaar. On the other hand, Shalini complains about Mohini to village ladies. She says that she have not used the house bathroom yet. Village ladies says that having house bathroom is not a bad idea. They adds that they also asked their husbands to build a bathroom in their house.

Maai and Mohini discuss about the complaint they registered against Balwant. Mohini tells Maai that this is just a first step. She says that they should build school and hospital in their village. She adds that she wants bathroom in all the houses. Meanwhile, Husbands tells their wives that they can’t build bathroom in their house. Village guys taunts Harphoul for building bathroom in his house on Mohini’s behest.

Later, Village guys tells Balwant that their wives want to build bathroom in their house because Harphoul’s house has a bathroom now. Rajendra says that only his house had a bathroom but now Harphoul’s house also have it and it created problem in all the houses. Mohini shows handle to Maai and says that it will help her to use the bathroom in comfortable way. She says that she want to show the bathroom to everyone so they can also build bathroom in their house.

Mohini tries to help Shalini. Shalini says that she faced so much because of Mohini. Maai says that Mohini did nothing wrong. Shalini says that it looks like they are competing against Balwant. Abhimanyu tells Mohini that many became enemies to Mohini. She tells him that many became her friends too. They hears noise and goes out. Village people chants Bhaai ji’s name. Bhaai ji asks journalists to not click so many photos. He murmurs to his secretary to publish his photo in the newspaper. Mohini asks Maai that who is he. Maai tells her that Bhaai ji is a famous politician.

Balwant learns about Bhaai ji’s arrival. He gets ready to welcome him. He asks Devayani to get ready. He welcomes Bhaai ji and clicks a photo with him. Harphoul stops Mohini from doing bathroom work. He tells her that she want to prove that she cares so much about Maai by fixing handle in the bathroom. But he won’t let her do that. She tells him that she is not forcing Maai to use the bathroom. He tells her that Maai won’t use the bathroom no matter what and leaves from there.

Rajendra searches Devayani. Saradha welcomes Bhaai ji. Bhaai ji tells Balwant that he want to talk to him alone. After some time, he scolds him for not thinking about his political career. Saradha serves tea and snacks to Bhaai ji. He notices her wounds. He tells Balwant that it should look like the latter respects women. He says that if one more complaint came then he can’t help him. Balwant asks him to transfer SP. But Bhaai ji refuses and leaves from there. Balwant tells Village people that he will help them to teach a lesson to Mohini.

Episode ends

Precap – Balwant decides to destroy Mohini’s house bathroom. Harphoul says that he won’t let Balwant enter his house.

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