Harphoul Mohini 21st June 2022 Written Update: Balwant learns about Harphoul and Mohini’s marriage


Harphoul Mohini 21st June 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Maai and Harphoul’s friends dances when Harphoul agreed to marry Mohini ( Title song plays in the background ). Shalini tells her husband that their bad time beginning from now on. Harphoul’s brother tells Harphoul that the latter going to ruin his life by marrying an educated girl. On the other hand, Vijayan tells Mohini that he and Shyamala have big age difference but they could adjust because their culture is same. He adds that Haryana boy and Malayali girl can’t adjust together. He asks her to not say yes for this marriage for the sake of her family by sacrificing herself. Mohini tells him that God said yes for this marriage. She adds that Haryana boy is Saroj’s relative not a stranger. She informs him that she felt good while talking to Maai. And Harphoul must be good person like Maai.

Maai tells Santho that video call is not connected yet. And the call gets connected. Maai introduces her elder son and Shalini to Mohini’s parents. She asks them about Mohini. Mohini comes there. Maai gets emotional seeing her. Mohini greets her. Shalini notices Maai’s expression. She tells her husband that Maai loves everyone except her. Vijayan asks Maai about Harphoul. Maai calls Harphoul. She says that Harphoul is such a shy person. Harphoul does exercise. Shalini turns the camera towards Harphoul. Mohini and her family sees Harphoul but he did not see anyone.

Maai asks Vijayan about marriage date. Vijayan asks Mohini to go inside. Saroj tells Maai that after 4 days they can perform marriage rituals according to Priest. Harphoul’s brother says that they will reach Kerala and disconnects the call. Maai scolds Harphoul for not seeing Mohini. She says that she dreamt of Harphoul and Mohini’s marriage. She asks him to get ready for haldi ceremony.

Shyamala tells Vijayan that Harphoul’s family talked so loudly. Vijayan asks Saroj that if Mohini life won’t get ruined. Saroj tells him that Mohini is her sister and she took this decision after thinking a lot. She asks him to trust that Mohini will be happy there. Harphoul’s haldi ceremony begins. Shalini and Harphoul’s friends dances. Maai applies haldi on Harphoul’s face and gets emotional. She dances to celebrate her happiness.

Meanwhile, Mohini’s family and Saroj dances on Mohini’s haldi ceremony. Mohini’s parents applies haldi on Mohini’s face. Saroj asks Mohini that if the latter is happy. Mohini tells her that now her family need not to leave the house so she is happy. She adds that she don’t know that she is happy about her future or not. Saroj tells her that God won’t let anything wrong happen with the latter.

Balwant’s men gives Harphoul’s marriage invitation card to Balwant. Balwant gets angry seeing that and says that this marriage should not happen. Harphoul’s brother asks Maai to not spend so much money in this marriage. Maai tells him that she can understand that he is worried as a elder son of this family. Harphoul sees his marriage invitation card and says that he is not understanding that what’s happening with him. Meanwhile, Vijayan shows marriage card design to Mohini. She wonders that what’s happening.

Episode ends.

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