Harphoul Mohini 21st September 2022 Written Update: Maai makes Harphoul realise his mistake


Harphoul Mohini 21st September 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Harphoul helps Mohini to get up. He asks her that why she is crying for such a small matter. He stops the flow of water. She screams when she stepped on thorn. He removes the thorn. He gives his slipper to her. He asks her to not move. He starts working. She asks him that why he brought her if he wanted to work alone. He asks her that what is she trying to say. She tells him that Maai told her to work in the farm. He asks her that if she can work. She nods at him.

He asks her to see how he is doing. She watches him and she starts working. He tells her that talking about dreams is easy but working for it, is difficult. He says that no one asked about his dreams. He says that he is working in someone else’s farm. She asks him about his farm. He tells her about his land. He says that he never thought he will pay rent for his own land. She gets confused hearing him.

They goes to eat. Other couples gossips about Harphoul and Mohini. Harphoul thinks that he thought Mohini would have missed him like how he missed her but he was wrong. Mohini thinks that Harphoul would have respected her dreams if he love her then. She tries to break the onion. He breaks it and gives it to her. He starts coughing. She rubs his back and gives water to her. He tells her that he is fine. She tells him that it could have been dangerous and they don’t have dispensary too.

On the other hand, Maai treats Shalini’s injury. Mohini and Harphoul comes there. Maai gets worried seeing Mohini. She asks her to get change. Mohini notices Shalini’s injury. She brings ointment and applies it on Shalini’s hand. Harphoul says that he is tired and he wants water. Maai tells Mohini to bring hot water. She tells her to keep her leg in the hot water. She applies ice cube on her bruises. Harphoul says that he thought he will get treatment. Maai tells him that Mohini is in pain and she is not even habituated to work in the farm.

She says that how ladies works a lot. She asks him that if he can’t go to kitchen to get water. She tells him that he gives food to other people and Mohini saves other people’s life. She says that both work are same then why he is not allowing Mohini to work. He tells her that he don’t want to eat from Mohini’s earning. She tells him that she worked after Harveer’s death. She asks him that why he did not deny to eat from her earning. She tells him that God sent Mohini to this village to save villagers life. He tells her that everyone will make fun of him. She asks him to give a befitting reply to them. She says that Harveer fought against everyone for her. She reminds him that he is Harveer’s son.

Next day, Harphoul calls Vijayan. He asks him that if he will be called as useless when Mohini go to work. Vijayan tells him that how much Mohini suffered to become a nurse. He says that they will be proud of him if he helped Mohini in her dreams then and disconnects the call. Harphoul hugs his friend. He apologizes to him for pushing him. Abhimanyu asks him that how is he going to convince Mohini. Harphoul talks about dispensary in front of his family.

Episode ends.

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