Harphoul Mohini 22nd July 2022 Written Update: Mohini finds a way to defeat Balwant


Harphoul Mohini 22nd July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Balwant’s guy announces that tomorrow Balwant will destroy Harphoul’s house toilet and village people can join Balwant to show their support. Harphoul snatches the mic from him. He says that he won’t let Balwant enter his house. After some time, Harphoul does boxing in anger. He recalls that how Balwant challenged him and all the attacks. He also recalls today’s announcement. Mohini tells him that Balwant got warning that’s why he is trying to threaten them. He tells her that everything happening because of her. She tells him that she will handle it. He taunts her for saying like that.

He says that he won’t let anyone harm his family. He adds that he will break everyone’s bones. She asks him to use mind not strength. He leaves from there. She thinks that she can win against Balwant without fight too. She decides to use social media. She tells Maai about her plan. She gathers everyone in the hall. She makes a video with her family members. She explains the importance of toilet in her video. Abhimanyu records everything. Shalini sees everything. Mohini says that they build toilet in their house but her village people threatened to destroy the toilet. She asks viewers to help her.

Balwant sees the video. He says that if Mohini really thought she can make everyone against him by making this video. Tauji says that they did mistake by making this video. He adds that he could not see Harphoul in the video. Balwant tells him that Harphoul would have understood that this video won’t help them in any way. Maai asks her husband to bless Mohini. She says that she is going to do something. And she knows that, that is wrong but she don’t have any other choice.

Next day, village ladies decides to support Mohini. So they also gets a chance to build toilet in their house. Mohini notices that her video did not reach many people and likes are so less. Shalini taunts Mohini. Maai asks her that if the latter is on their side or not. Harphoul wakes up and gets shocked seeing him locked up with chain. He asks Santok to unlock it. Santok tells him that Maai locked it. Maai thinks that she can’t lose her son that’s why she took this decision.

Balwant gets ready. He insults Saradha in front of Devayani. He asks Devayani to do something. He tells himself that he will become a minister soon and laughs. Devayani meets village ladies. She instigates them against Mohini. Village ladies decides to go against Mohini. Maai asks Harphoul to trust her. She says that no one is allowed to unlock the chain. Harphoul asks her to unlock it.

Episode ends.

Precap – Balwant reaches Mohini’s house. Balwant’s guys runs towards Harphoul’s house.

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