Harphoul Mohini 22nd September 2022 Written Update: Harphoul celebrates Onam for Mohini


Harphoul Mohini 22nd September 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Banwari learns about the inauguration ceremony of dispensary. He decides to tell about it to Balwant. On the other hand, Harphoul apologizes to Mohini. But Mohini refuses to forgive him. He asks her that why can’t she forgive him, when Maai forgives him always. She tells him that Maai forgets everything because he is her son. She tells him that she can’t forgive him. He taunts her for showing attitude. She asks him that why he has problem with ladies expressing their emotions. He tells her that he is not dying to talk to her and goes inside.

Balwant thinks that Harphoul and Mohini sent him to jail but he will separate them permanently. Banwari tells SP that he want to meet Balwant. SP tells him that today’s visiting time is over. He asks him to come tomorrow.

Mohini recalls that how she broke every rules to save a child’s life. She also recalls that how Saroj said that she should have been a Doctor. She also recalls Harphoul’s words and she cries. She wipes her tears hearing Maai’s voice. Maai tells her that she knows that the latter is angry at Harphoul but she can’t skip her meal. She says that everyone knows that Mohini can’t stay hungry. She asks her to eat it. Mohini tells her that the latter understands her very well. She asks her that when Harphoul will understand her.

Maai tells her that change will happen but not so soon. She says that she saw little change in Harphoul today and it’s just a beginning. She tells her that she is happy that dispensary coming in their village. She says that she is proud that Mohini will cut the ribbon. Mohini tells her that tomorrow is onam. She tells her that she will take her to Kerala on onam day. She talks about onam celebration. She says that she celebrated onam with her family. Maai asks her to have food. Harphoul overhears their conversation.

Next day, Mohini buys medicines. She picks her sister’s video call. They tells happy onam to her. They asks her that how the latter celebrating onam there. They asks her that why the latter is not wearing new outfit. Mohini tells them that she is outside now so she did not wear new outfit. She lies to them that Harphoul arranged everything to celebrate onam and disconnects the call.

She reaches the house and gets surprised seeing the decorations. She gets emotional seeing her family in onam outfits. Shalini asks her that if they are wearing the right outfits. Mohini compliments them. She wishes happy onam to them. She asks Maai that if the latter did all this for her. Maai tells her that Harphoul arranged everything. She says that Harphoul looking good today. Harphoul comes there in his onam outfit. He asks Mohini that if she won’t forgive him today too. Mohini forgives him. Maai asks her to wear onam outfit. Mohini glances Harphoul and goes to her room. After some time, Mohini comes out wearing her outfit.

Episode ends.

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