Harphoul Mohini 23rd November 2022 Written Update: Devyani attempts to kidnap Devi


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Episode begins with Maai buys fresh vegetables. Devi thinks that something is fishy. She says that these vegetables are not enough for them. Vendor says that he weighted before them only. He asks her that what vegetable she wants. She asks him to give 1kg cauliflower. She realises that he is cheating. She uses her power on weight machine. He wonders that why it’s not working properly. He thinks that he will face loss. He tells Maai that something is fishy. Maai tells him that she also want to know the truth. He reveals that he cheated. She scolds him. He apologizes to her. Devi asks Vendor to not cheat anyone again. They goes inside.

Maai asks Harphoul and Mohini that if they called police station to know about Devi’s parents. She says that there is a possibility that police found Devi’s parents and they don’t know about it. Mohini tells her that police will inform them if they finds Devi’s parents. Shalini thinks that she has to leave Devi in the mela.

Next day, Shalini talks about mela before Devi. She tells Devi that milk and milk chocolates will be available in the mela. Devi asks her that what is mela. Shalini explains her about mela. She tells her that she will take her to mela. Devi says that she want to go to mela. Harphoul says that there will be crowd so Devi need not to go there. Maai asks him that what is his problem. She reminds him that she took him and Santok to mela when they were kids. She tells him to take Devi to mela. Harphoul asks her that what will he do in the mela. Shalini tells Maai that she and Mohini will take Devi to mela. She messages everything to Balwant.

In the mela, Devi smiles seeing all the new things. Shalini notices Devyani and shows Devi to her. Devyani tells Balwant that she will call him after kidnapping Devi. Devi tells Mohini that she want to go for roller coaster ride. Mohini pays for Devi. Devi enjoys roller coaster ride. Mohini goes to buy icecream for Devi.

Devi gets happy seeing cricket boys there. Mohini buys icecream for them too. Devi leaves with boys to play. Devyani thinks that this is the right chance to kidnap Devi. Maai asks Harphoul that why he don’t play with Devi. Harphoul tries to tell the truth to her but starts hiccuping due to Devi.

Balwant asks Banwari that how he saw Devi’s face when he did not meet her yet. He says that he can’t wait to meet her. He leaves the house with gun thinking that Devyani would have kidnapped Devi. Shalini takes Mohini to duppata shop. Devi goes to toy shop. Devyani moves towards her. Shalini notices that.

Episode ends.

Episode begins with Mohini asks Harphoul that how can he abandon Devi. She says that she won’t let anything happen to Devi until she is alive and leaves the house. On the other hand, Criminal guy opens the door. Devi tells him that he looks good and those boys getting scared of him unnecessarily. She asks him that if he went to jail and how he got injured. He tells her to leave from there and goes inside. She enters the house.

Mohini searches Devi in the village. Harphoul asks her to listen him. She tells him that she won’t listen him and finding Devi is her priority now. Criminal guy scolds Devi for entering the house. He tells her that he is so dangerous because he went to jail. He asks her that if she is not scared of him. She notices Goddess Mata Rani’s photo on the wall. She starts singing bajan.

In the palace, Shalini asks Balwant that what happened to him. Balwant tells her that she can’t handle the truth. He says that he won’t lose against a small girl. He tells Banwari to bring new and strong Tantrik. He says that he will finish Devi before she does anything against him. He says that he wants Devi alone. Devyani asks Shalini to bring Devi to mela and she will do the remaining job. He says that only Devyani cares about him.

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