Harphoul Mohini 25th July 2022 Written Update: Mohini understands Balwant’s plan


Harphoul Mohini 25th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Maai tells Mohini that she is such a bad mother. She cries saying that it must be painful for Harphoul. Mohini tells her that the latter is not a bad mother. She says that Maai tied Harphoul up to protect him so Maai did nothing wrong. She adds that Maai is such a strong and good mother. Harphoul asks Maai to untie him before things gets worsen. Meanwhile, Balwant tells village people that he is even ready to risk his life to help them. Sarpanch praises Balwant. Mohini notices that her video did not reach many people yet. Abhimanyu tells her that this video idea flopped. Harphoul asks Mohini to untie him. She reminds silent.

Balwant says that Mohini disrespected their tradition by building toilet inside the house. He tells village people that they are his family and he can do anything for them. He says that he did not built toilet near kitchen like Mohini. He adds that he is even ready to go against his nephew Harphoul for his village people. Everyone claps for him. He says that he will destroy Harphoul’s toilet no matter what. Balwant’s guys joins the village people with weapons. They moves towards Harphoul’s house.

Mohini feels bad seeing Harphoul. She goes to him and holds his hand. She shook her head and leaves from there. Harphoul’s family learns that Balwant left from his house. Harphoul tells Maai that Santok can’t fight. But everyone ignores him. Harphoul unties himself. Sulokchana comes there. Abhimanyu asks her about her social media account. Mohini asks Sulokchana to upload the video on her account.

Sulokchana says that she can do anything for her and Harphoul. Mohini uploads the video. Sulokchana tells Harphoul about Balwant’s guys. Harphoul says that he will teach a lesson to them. Maai says that Balwant may have something else in his mind. Harphoul takes dagger and says that he has to kill Balwant and his guys. Maai tells him to not do anything like that. She asks him to listen her atleast today.

Santok tells her that she should not stop Harphoul because it’s about their life. Harphoul moves towards the door. Mohini tells him that let them destroy the toilet. He asks her that if she become mad. Maai asks Mohini that what the latter saying. Mohini tells her that Balwant would not have brought his guys if he just wanted to destroy the toilet then. She adds that Balwant coming to hurt them. Maai says that Mohini is right. Mohini asks Harphoul to not do anything in anger. Harphoul goes out and locks the door from outside. Balwant and others comes there. Harphoul and Balwant glares each other.

Media reporters comes there. Bhaai ji calls Balwant and praises him for using Harphoul’s toilet to become popular. Balwant thinks that now he has to protect Harphoul’s toilet. Harphoul opens the door. Media reporters enters Harphoul’s house and questions about toilet. Harphoul’s family learns that Mohini’s video became viral and everyone supporting her. They watches television and smiles seeing the breaking news.

Episode ends.

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