Harphoul Mohini 27th July 2022 Written Update: Shalini decides to ruin Mohini’s first rasoi


Harphoul Mohini 27th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Mohini takes Shalini’s phone and gives it to her. Balwant wonders that why Shalini is not picking the call. Shalini scolds Mohini for touching the phone. Mohini asks her that if the latter is fine. Shalini asks her to do her work instead of disturbing her. Mohini leaves from there. Shalini takes a deep breath. Mohini notices swelling in Maai’s leg and she massages her leg. Maai says that she is feeling good and there is magic in Mohini’s hands. She hears Santok’s snoring sound. She says that it looks like after many years, today Santok sleeping peacefully.

 Mohini tells her that she wants to hear the latter’s snoring sound. She asks her to sleep. Maai lays down on the bed. Mohini leaves from there. She tells herself that she has to be prepared for tomorrow. She sees Harphoul sleeping. She covers him with blanket. She tells him good night and leaves from there.

Next day, Mohini asks Maai to use house toilet from today. Harphoul tells her that he knows that they won against Balwant yesterday, because of her, but that’s not mean that she can order everyone like this. He says that Maai is habituated to go outside so Mohini can’t force his mother. He adds that she can’t teach Maai, how to live her life.

 She tells him that if she can’t decide then he can’t decide too. He tells her that he is man so he can decide. She mockingly says that she saw his decisions and their consequences. She tells him that he can’t stop Maai from using the house toilet. He tells her that if she argued with him then he will break the toilet door. Santok smiles seeing their fight. But Shalini gets irritated.

Mohini asks Harphoul that if he saw the swelling of Maai’s leg. She says that how can Maai walk with that leg. Harphoul gets worried hearing her. Maai comes there and tells Mohini that she is feeling better because of the latter’s massage. Harphoul asks Maai that why she did not tell him about swelling. Maai says that she want to use the house toilet. Mohini brings the chair so Maai feels comfortable to use the toilet. On the other hand, Balwant calls Shalini and tells her to use the house toilet from today. He asks her to do something else also.

After some time, Maai praises Mohini for taking care of her. Mohini taunts Harphoul. He tells her that he don’t want to be her partner. Mohini notices ants in the toilet. She thinks that maybe Maai have diabetics. Shalini says that her leg paining too. Maai asks her to use the house toilet. Mohini confirms that Maai has diabetics and she informs about it to everyone. Shalini asks Mohini to cook today.

Bhaai ji asks commission from Balwant. Balwant tells him that he won’t get profit now. Bhaai ji asks him to forget the MLA ticket if the latter can’t arrange 5 crores rupees then. Balwant sees Devayani and beat her up for eavesdropping him. She tells him that she just came to ask today’s menu. Meanwhile, Mohini decides to make sweet dish. Maai blesses her. Shalini keeps salt box near Mohini. Mohini puts salt in her dish. Shalini smiles seeing that.

Episode ends.

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