Harphoul Mohini 28th July 2022 Written Update: Balwant finds a way to defeat Mohini


Harphoul Mohini 28th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Harphoul tells Maai that it’s her mistake that she choosed a girl like Mohini for him. He says that Mohini don’t know to cook then what’s the use of her being educated. Mohini hears him and asks him that if he thinks like that. She says that if he married her so she can cook for him. He tells her that she is against everything. She tells Maai that she finished cooking. He tells her that kheer is not meal and he wants meal. Maai tells him that daughter in law cooks sweet dish for first rasoi. She asks him to eat which Mohini made. He says that Mohini did black magic on Maai. Maai asks Mohini to serve kheer to everyone.

On the other hand, Balwant asks Devayani that why she is crying for such a small thing. He wipes her tears. He says that he got angry because she disturbed him when he was busy. He asks her to smile. Saratha comes there and gives tea to Balwant. Devayani leaves from there.

Mohini serves kheer to everyone. Shalini eats it and thinks that it’s horrible. Harphoul and Santok eats it. Santok praises the taste. Mohini forces Shalini to finish her bowl. She feeds her. Shalini wonders that how others eating it. Santok asks for one more bowl. Harphoul also eats one more bowl. Mohini smiles seeing that. Maai asks Harphoul to say something about kheer. Harphoul tells her that it’s good. Shalini eats kheer from another bowl. She says that it’s sweet. Harphoul tells her that kheer would be sweet only.

Mohini recalls that how she is about to mix salt because of Shalini. Shalini says that she is doing all the household chores because Mohini don’t know anything. Harphoul is about to say something but Maai stops him. Meanwhile, Balwant wonders that how to get rid of Mohini. Devayani orders Saratha to do work. Balwant finds a way to defeat Mohini.

Shalini goes to kitchen. She understands that Mohini gave salty kheer to her. Mohini tells her that everyone knows the difference between salt and sugar. Shalini asks her that what the latter trying to say. Mohini asks her that if the latter kept salt box. Shalini tells her that she don’t have time for her nonsense. Mohini tells Shalini that she asked a simple question to her. Shalini accepts that she kept the salt box.

Balwant asks his guy to gather all the elders of the village. He asks him to bring Sarpanch and Ragini too. Tauji asks Balwant that why the latter seems happy. Balwant tells him that he is going to trouble Mohini until she accepts her defeat. He says that he can get Harphoul’s land once Mohini leaves the village.

Abhimanyu tells Mohini about land issue. Shalini sees them together. After some time, Shalini tells Harphoul that she can understand his pain. Harphoul asks him that what she want to say. She tells him that she saw Mohini and Abhimanyu laughing together. She says that they are educated people so they did not include her in their conversation. Mohini searches Abhimanyu. Harphoul sees that. Shalini thinks that she did her work and smriks.

Episode ends.

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