Harphoul Mohini 28th October 2022 Written Update: Harphoul escapes from police custody 


Harphoul Mohini 28th October 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Mohini notices a mark on the floor. She tells herself that no one is there except her then from where this mark came. She says that this mark was not there before. On the other hand, Balwant asks Banwari that how many enemies the latter have. Banwari tells him that his father was his enemy but he is no more. Balwant tells him that winning against a women gives different kind of satisfaction. He drinks alcohol. He asks him that why the latter is shivering. Banwari tells him that who will save them from bad souls. He says that even Tantrik is not alive to save them. Balwant tells him that no one can harm him.

Mohini screams seeing something in the room. She closes the cupboard but it gets open by itself. She hears child crying noise. She sees lot of jars in the cupboard. She asks that who is there. She asks to come in front of her. She takes a rod. Banwari asks Balwant that what if Mohini got saved and she learnt about the truth of secret room. Balwant tells him that the latter is really coward. He says that Mohini won’t get any proof. He says that this time even Harphoul can’t save Mohini. One box falls before Mohini. She sees abortion equipments in that box. She wonders that what used to happen in this room. She tells God that she is not understanding that what the latter want to tell her. She notices glittering. 

In the police station, Police officer behaves like hypnotized. He sends constables from there. He goes to Harphoul’s cell and points a gun at Harphoul. Harphoul asks him that what is the latter doing. He says that he did nothing. He tells him that Mohini is in danger. Police officer shoot the rope. He asks him to save Mohini. He informs him that Mohini is in Balwant’s house. Harphoul leaves from the police station. Mohini notices the watermelon. Watermelon moves towards her. She faints. 

Balwant learns that Harphoul escaped from police custody. Banwari tells Balwant that he is scared. He says that Tantrik said that something bad will happen. Balwant slaps him. He asks him to tighten the security. He says that he will also see how Harphoul is going to save Mohini. 

In the hospital, Vijayan regains his consciousness and he asks Shyamala about Mohini. Shyamala informs him that Mohini is missing. Doctor says that Vijayan needs test. He asks everyone to wait outside. Vijayan asks them to find Mohini. He says that he feel like Mohini is in danger. Maai calls Harphoul and asks him to find Mohini as soon as possible. 

Mohini regains her consciousness. She eats watermelon. Harphoul reaches Balwant house. He beat Balwant’s goons up. Then he beat Balwant up. Banwari hides from Harphoul. Harphoul tells Balwant that he will kill him if anything happened to Mohini then. He asks him that where is Mohini. 

Episode ends. 

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