Harphoul Mohini 29th July 2022 Written Update: Village people questions Maai


Harphoul Mohini 29th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Mohini tells Harphoul that Abhimanyu told her, how he saved his land from Balwant. She notices the kabadi trophy. She tells him that she don’t know that he is kabadi star. She praises him. He remains silent. She says that he should say something if anyone praises him then. She reminds him that he is committed to her. He says that he is committed to his land. She tells him that she will accompany him to see his land. He asks her to learn to make roti. She asks him that why he talks about roti always. He tells her that girls can achieve whatever they wants but at end they have to make roti at home. She tells him that she will learn it soon. He taunts her. He complains about Mohini to Maai. Mohini tells Maai that she will learn to make roti. Maai asks Harphoul to not trouble Mohini. She takes Mohini with her.

Harphoul asks Shalini to stop instigating him against Mohini. He says that Mohini is not like Shalini. Mohini tells Maai that she won’t talk to Harphoul because he is taunting her. Maai asks her to calm down. Mohini says that she can adjust like Saroj but she needs time. She asks her to help. Maai tells her that the latter is like her daughter and she will help her. She asks her to learn step by step. She tells her that she knows that Mohini can learn quickly. She takes her to kitchen. She makes lassi and asks her to give it to Harphoul. Mohini tells her that she won’t go. Maai convinces her to go to Harphoul.

On the other hand, Sarpanch asks Balwant that why the latter gathered everyone. Balwant says that he is wondering that how they failed to notice that sin. Everyone gets confused hearing him. Sundar learns about the meeting.

Mohini gives lassi to Harphoul. They gets mustache while drinking lassi. They helps each other. He tries to say something. He picks Sundar’s call and leaves from there. He asks Sundar that how can Balwant gather Sarpanch and others in his house. He wonders that what if Balwant planning something against him and Mohini. Shalini thinks that after today Harphoul and Mohini can’t sleep peacefully.

Mohini asks Maai that why Shalini looks angry always. Maai tells her that Shalini was like that only since beginning. Mohini asks her that what’s the connection between Shalini and Balwant. Maai replies that Balwant is Shalini’s uncle.

Santok and Harphoul discuss about Balwant’s actions. Mohini asks them that what happened. Harphoul asks her that why she want to know everything. Mohini leaves from there and she realises that Shalini telling everything to Balwant. Maai scolds Harphoul for taunting Mohini always. She reminds him that Mohini living with them leaving her family. She asks him to learn to respect others. Mohini sees that village people coming towards her house. Village people questions Maai about Mohini’s clan.

Episode ends.

Precap – Village people says that Harphoul’s family won’t get anything to eat until they reveals Mohini’s clan. Maai feels dizzy because she does not get anything to eat.

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