Harphoul Mohini 2nd December 2022 Written Update: Balwant kills hostages


Harphoul Mohini 2nd December 2022 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Maai tells Mohini that she can’t run much due to knee pain and asks what Santok will do. She says that if anything happened to Santok then she can’t forgive herself. Mohini gives instructions to hostages. Balwant tells himself that he will kill many people once this game ends. He breaks dolls one by one. He recalls that how Devi threatened him. He says that he will kill Devi first if she came then.

Outside Balwant’s house, Harphoul tells Police inspector that Balwant is behind the bus disappearance. Devi sees that and uses her power. Police inspector asks driver to stop the jeep and let Harphoul leave. He says that it feels like passengers life in danger. He asks Harphoul that if the latter know anything. Harphoul recalls Banwari’s words and says that they have just 6 hours. Devi hears him.

Balwant divides hostages in two teams. He says that mens are one team and womens, kids are another team. He asks one guy and dumb girl to run in the first round. He thinks that dumb girl should lose because it’s fun to kill a girl. But dumb girl wins the game so Balwant shoots that guy. Meanwhile, Police inspector asks people that if they saw any bus in that way. Harphoul tells himself that just 5 hours left now. He says that he won’t let anything happen to anyone and he will find them definitely.

On the other hand, Balwant laughs. Mohini thinks that this voice seems familiar. In the next round a kid wins the game so the loser man dies. Everyone cries seeing that. One of the kid says that he want to go home. Abhimanyu says that these kidnappers won’t get place in hell too.

Balwant tells hostages to take rest for 10 minutes. He mockingly says that their God did not come to save them yet. He adds that in this world only evil wins. Mohini tells him that God will send someone to punish him definitely. After some time, Mohini gives leg massage to Santok. She thinks that she has to find a way to escape because she can’t see anyone else dying. She moves from her place. Kidnapper notices that and he threatens to kill Mohini if she moved from her palce then. Balwant thinks that Mohini is trying to act smart.

Maai tells Mohini that she don’t think that they can go out of that place alive. Mohini assures her saying that nothing will happen to them. She tells Santok that they have to find a way to escape. Kids says that they are scared. Mohini promises to them that they will escape from there for sure. Harphoul tells himself that he will find Mohini and others for sure. Balwant tells himself that hostages life in his hand.

Episode ends.

Precap – Harphoul asks people about bus. Balwant laughs seeing bomb. Everyone hears bomb blast sound.