Harphoul Mohini 4th July 2022 Written Update: Balwant vows to ruin Harphoul and Mohini’s relationship


Harphoul Mohini 4th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Saroj asks Harphoul to put Mohini’s leg on a grinding stone for a ritual. Harphoul says that he won’t touch Mohini’s leg. Shyamala says that Harphoul has to do this to complete the marriage rituals. He says that being a man he can’t touch Mohini’s leg. Vijayan tells him that it’s just a tradition. He requests him to do it.

Harphoul says that he would prefer staying bachelor than doing this ritual. Mohini acts like her leg is paining and she screams. Harphoul gets worried and he touches her leg and asks her that if she is fine. She puts her leg on a grinding stone and completes the marriage rituals. Everyone claps for the couple.

Harphoul thinks that Mohini is really cunning. After some time, Harphoul asks his friend to bring his slipper. Mohini’s sister shows Harphoul’s slipper to him. She recalls that how she stole it by tricking Harphoul’s friend. Harphoul asks her to return his slipper to him. She demands 5000 rupees for slipper. He offers 500 to her but the latter refuses. She says that she won’t accept less than 5000. Maai gives 1001 to Mohini’s sister. She says that she want to take her daughter in law to house. Meanwhile, Balwant thinks that Harphoul’s land belongs to him only.

Mohini gets emotional thinking about her bidaai. Vijayan tells her that she will visit this house so she need not to cry. He gives house key to her. He says that this is her house so she don’t need anyone permission to visit this house. He adds that this key will remind her that she has one more house than her husband’s house. He asks her that what if that letter matter turns out to be true. She tells him that she thinks that Harphoul’s enemy sent that letter. He asks her to think about herself too because she is precious for him.

Shyamala comes there and says that they have to leave for railway station. Mohini cries recalling the moments she shared with her family in that house and leaves the house. Mohini’s sister asks Mohini to not leave. Mohini asks her to take care of everyone. Harphoul consoles the crying Mohini’s sister. Mohini performs bidaai rituals and she hugs Vijayan. They gets in the van. Harphoul gives hand kerchief to Mohini.

Balwant learns about Harphoul’s marriage. He says that his next target is Harphoul and Mohini. In the railway station, Vijayan gives diary to Mohini and asks her to write her thoughts in it. Mohini’s sister wipes Mohini’s tears. She asks Harphoul to not make Mohini cry. Maai gives shagun to Saroj.

Saroj asks Harphoul to promise to take care of Mohini. Harphoul promises to her. Vijayan requests Harphoul to take care of Mohini. Harphoul tells him that he is with Mohini. The train starts moving. Harphoul gets sad that Mohini keep crying. He wonders that how to console her.

Episode ends.

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