Harphoul Mohini 7th December 2022 Written Update: Harphoul comes to rescue his family 


Harphoul Mohini 7th December 2022 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Harphoul and Devi reaches the location. Devi tells Harphoul that they reached the place almost. Harphoul finds the empty bus. He wonders that where is everyone. Meanwhile, Balwant orders hostages to wear bomb jacket. One of the lady says that she can’t play this game. He threatens to kill her if she don’t wear it then. He says that everyone should press the remote button when he orders them but only one bomb will be get activated. Kidnappers ties everyone’s hands. Balwant tells hostages that he will win against God. Mohini tells him that they won’t lost hope on God because of him. She says that God will send someone to help them. 

Devi tells Harphoul to not get scared because they reached the correct location and they have to find them. Balwant stands before Harphoul’s friend and ask him to press the remote button. Harphoul’s friend tells his friends that he love them so much and press the remote button but nothing happened. Balwant says that now it’s Maai’s turn. Santok asks Balwant to kill him. Mohini asks God to do something. Maai asks her family to not cry after her death and press the remote button but nothing happened. Balwant says that she is escaped and fires bullet on air. Harphoul tells Devi to hide after hearing bullet sound. 

Balwant stands before Mohini and ask her to press the remote button. He thinks that it will be fun. Mohini thinks that if her bomb got activated then everyone can die. She cries recalling the moments she shared with her family. She press the remote button and the bomb gets activated. He thinks that he deliberately fixed real bomb in Mohini’s jacket. She asks him to release other people. Maai and Santok refuses to leave without Mohini. Balwant tells them that they worship God so they will die together. He says that bomb will be blasted and everyone will die with Mohini. Mohini tells him that he is a cheater. He says that their God did not come yet and ask them to call their God. He thinks that he want Devi to come. He tells Kidnappers to leave from there. 

Harphoul hears hostages crying voice and comes there. He hides from Balwant. Devi uses her power and unties hostages. Harphoul beat kidnappers. They can’t see anything due to smoke. 

Episode ends. 

Precap  – Mohini asks Harphoul to leave from there. Harphoul tells Mohini that he love her and he can’t live without her. He tries to save her. Meanwhile, Balwant shoots Devi.