Harphoul Mohini 7th July 2022 Written Update: Harphoul risks his life to save Mohini


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Episode begins with Harphoul reminds Balwant about challenge. Balwant’s men fires on the air on Balwant’s behest. Mohini gets scared hearing noise and she could not see anything because of her veil. Flowers falls on Mohini. Village people says that no one saw a welcome like this and praises Balwant. Balwant congratulates Harphoul. He says that he is so happy. He asks his men to bring sweets. Harphoul asks Maai that what kind of drama Balwant doing now.

Balwant offers laddus to Maai and he congratulates her. He murmurs to her that he did not mix poison in the laddus. And he eats a laddu to prove that. Maai takes a laddu. Balwant says that he want to see Mohini. Maai tells him that Mohini won’t remove the veil before ‘muh dikayi’ ritual. He nods at her. He asks his wife Saradha to bring aarti plate. She asks Shalini to bring Mohini. She tells Harphoul to stand beside Mohini.

Saradha comes there with aarti plate. Maai says that Mohini is the bride then why Saradha wearing veil. She gets shocked seeing Saradha’s face. She asks her to proceed. Saradha does aarti. Maai asks Mohini to take Saradha’s blessings. Saradha blesses Mohini. Maai thanks Saradha. She says that Mohini need strength and blessings to fight against enemies by looking Balwant. Shalini praises the welcome. Santok asks her to stay silent. Maai says that they are getting late to perform ‘muh dikayi’ ritual. Balwant enters his house and he takes the gun. He says that soon their happiness will turn into sadness.

He points gun at Mohini. Harphoul notices that and comes in front of Mohini to save her. He falls on Mohini because of bullet shot. She asks him that what happened. He lies to her. He hides about his injury from everyone. Santok notices the mirror which is broken because of bullet. Maai scolds Harphoul for going to Balwant’s house. Harphoul asks the driver to drive slowly. They reaches the house. Maai tells Shalini to take Mohini inside. She notices Harphoul’s injury and she gets worried. She ties clothe on Harphoul’s injury to stop the bleeding. Santok also sees that.

Maai asks Harphoul that who shooted him. Harphoul takes Balwant’s name. Maai says that she will give complaint against Balwant. Santok tells her that police are on Balwant’s side. Maai says that she want to see Balwant behind bars. Harphoul tells her that he will take revenge on Balwant later. Maai says that no one can stop her. Harphoul’s friend overhears their conversation.

Transgender Sulokchana holds Maai’s hand and talks about Harphoul and Mohini’s marriage. Maai recalls the promise she made to Vijayan. She asks Harphoul that how he will perform rituals. He tells her that he is not weak. He stands beside Mohini. Maai introduces Sulokchana to Mohini. Mohini says that she will call Sulokchana as sister. Sulokchana hugs Mohini. She teases Harphoul. Maai welcomes Mohini.

Balwant asks Tauji that how can Mohini escape from his bullet. He asks him that why Harphoul saved Mohini when he hates her. Tauji tells him Harphoul is like that only. He says that Mohini will run away from the village in two days. Meanwhile, Mohini gets ready to perform ‘graha pravesh’ rituals. Harphoul feels dizzy and Mohini holds his hand and performs the rituals. His blood drops on her leg and she notices that ( Title song plays in the background ).

Episode ends.

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