Harphoul Mohini Upcoming Story: Balwant to plan to kidnap Devi!


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Shagun Sharma and Zebby Singh starrer Colors show Harphoul Mohini never failed to engage audience with its gripping storyline. This is the story of Malayali girl Mohini and Haryanvi boy Harphoul. Now, Balwant planning to get rid of Devi so it will be interesting to watch that what going to happen in the future episode.

Earlier it’s seen that, Harphoul abandoned Devi. Devi made Balwant jeep meet with an accident. Harphoul returned to bus stop and searched Devi. He reached home alone. Devi saw boys playing cricket. Their ball fell into criminal guy’s house so they got scared. Devi assured them that she will get the ball.

In the upcoming episode, Mohini will scold Harphoul for abandoning Devi. She will leave the house to search Devi. Other side, Devi will enter criminal guy’s house and talk to him nicely.

Shalini will go to palace to meet Balwant. Balwant will say that he won’t lose against a small girl and he want Devi. He will order Banwari to bring new Tantrik. Devyani will tell Shalini to bring Devi to mela. Boys will be surprised seeing Devi coming out of the house with criminal guy. Devi will give ball to them.

She will name criminal guy as laddu uncle. Boys will praise laddu uncle and leave from there. They will reach Nakroli. Mohini will be relieved seeing Devi and hug her. Devi will lie to her that she lost way. Mohini will apologize to Harphoul for suspecting him. Harphoul will tell her that he can’t forget Devi’s truth but he will support Mohini. Devi will think to reunite them.

What Devi will do now? Will Harphoul accept Devi?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favourite show Harphoul Mohini, stay tuned to this space.