Harphoul Mohini Upcoming Story: Mohini to refuse to forgive Harphoul!


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Shagun Sharma and Zebby Singh starrer Colors show Harphoul Mohini never failed to engage audience with its gripping storyline. This is the story of Malayali girl Mohini and Haryanvi boy Harphoul. Now, Mohini refused to forgive Harphoul so it will be interesting to watch that what going to happen in the future episodes.

Earlier it’s seen that, Harphoul told Mohini that she need not to cry over such a small thing and he started working. She told him that Maai sent her to work. He asked her to watch and learn. He talked about paying rent to his own farm and challenge. They returned to house.

Maai asked Mohini to get change. Mohini noticed Shalini’s injury. She applied ointment on her injury. Maai told Mohini to keep her leg on hot water. Harphoul said that he is tired and he want special treatment. Maai told him that Mohini is not habituated to work in the farm.

She asked him that if he can’t go to kitchen to get water. She said that he gives food to other people to live and Mohini saves other people’s life so both work are same then why he is not allowing Mohini to work. He told her that he don’t want to eat from Mohini’s earning.

She asked him that why he did not deny to eat from her earning. He told her that everyone will make fun of him. She asked him to give a befitting reply to them. Next day, Harphoul talked to Vijayan about Mohini’s work. He apologized to his friend. He talked about dispensary in front of his family.

In the upcoming episode, Harphoul will apologize to Mohini. Mohini will tell him that he can finish the matter with his apology but what about her pain. He will say that he is not dying to talk to her.

Later, Maai will tell Mohini that she knows the latter is angry at Harphoul. Mohini will tell her that Harphoul has to understand her.

Will Harphoul apologize to Mohini again? Will Maai interfere in Harphoul and Mohini’s fight?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favourite show Harphoul Mohini, stay tuned to this space.