Harphoul Mohini Upcoming Story: Mohini will demand for toilet facility.


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Colors TV recently launched a brand new show titled Harphoul Mohini which is set in the backdrop of two different cultural backgrounds. Harphoul is a Punjabi while Mohini is a Keralite and the show deals with how the two overcome their cultural differences to become one. Earlier its seen that Harphoul met with an accident. Now it will be seen that Mohini will demand for toilet facility.

Previously we have seen that Balvant asked his men to not let Harphoul reach station. Harphoul asked Mai to go ahead and he would reach station after her. Balvant’s men repaired Harphoul’s bike.

Harphoul mer with an accident while Mohini stumbled at the same time. However Harphoul escaped with minor injuries and reached the station. They all left to Kerala. Bahwari tried his best to brainwash Harphoul to not marry Mohini on Balwant’s saying.

Mohini and Harphoul’s family met with each other. Mohini’s father greeted them and he liked Harphoul’s respectful personality.

Mohini solved her loan issues and everyone rejoiced. Harphoul and Mohini clashed in temple due to a minor issue without knowing about each other’s identity. Harphoul and Mohini had their own thoughts about marriage.

In the future episodes we will witness, Mohini will demand toilet facilities if she wants to get married in their house. Harphoul will think that she’s showing attitude as keeping conditions for marriage as she’s educated and will get angry.

Will Harphoul save his land? Will Harphoul and Mohini gets married?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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