Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 27th December 2023 Written Update: Kuldeep breaths his last.

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Episode starts with Rajwinder talking to the Commissioner of Police who informs her that they are going to visit their place in a while to investigate . Jarnail wonders if the police got to know about him. Hearing about the police investigation, gets worried about his gun with his fingerprints and the pen drive lying at home. He says that he would go home and handle the police.

Rajwinder asks him to wait and calls Teji. She tells Teji about the investigation and asks her to go home with Jarnail.They look at Heer and say that she is evil. First she was eager to destroy her elder brother’s life and now Kuldeep is in the hospital due to her. Heer sobs alone and recalls the moments when she got married to Kuldeep. Heer’s sister in law consoles her and asks her to not worry since Kuldeep is going to get well soon and go back home with them and nothing wrong is going to happen with her. She hugs Heer and asks her to control herself.

Jarnail and Teji go back home. Jarnail looks at the pendrive and thinks that before the police arrive, he has to hide it somewhere else. Teji assures him that Kuldeep would be fine and sobs. Jarnail asks her to wait at the door and let him know as the police come. Teji asks why and tells him to let the police come and he wonders if she doesn’t go outside, how he would hide these things. Teji notices that the black thread in Jarnail’s finger is missing so she questions if he again had a drink tonight. Jarnail takes out the thread from his pocket and wears it again. He shouts and says that they have made a joke of him. He warns her to not tell anything t
about this. He pretends to have a bad ache in his stomach and asks her to bring karha for him. As Teji goes to the kitchen, he goes inside to hide those.

Ranjeet hides the fact that she was the one who was targeted tonight and not Kuldeep. The police arrive at Atwal mansion and start their investigation. Teji asks the police to do their search. The inspector asks him if he has any doubt on anyone. He says that they have a lot of enemies but if Kuldeep’s killer doesn’t get caught he would make sure he loses his job. Jarnail requests the inspector to do the rest of the investigation next morning so they take their leave.

They come back to the hospital and console Rajwinder. The doctor comes and informs that Kuldeep has regained his senses and is out of danger now. He instructs them not to worry and give him any kind of stress or shock. Everyone meets him and asks him to get well soon and come back home soon. As Janails shakes his hand and fakes concern with Kuldeep he recognises his bracelet and realises that hebwas the one who fired him, his condition deteriorates and he starts panting heavily and then becomes quiet. Doctor checks on him and says that he is no more.

Episode ends.

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