Ikk Kudi Punjab Di Upcoming Story: Rajwinder to make Heer’s life difficult

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Zee TV Entertainment’s show Ikk Kudi Punjab Di currently is showing how Heer has finally accepted to get married to Kuldeep after feeling indebted to Rajwinder for saving Beant’s life as well as Haveli.

In the previous episode, Ranjha tried to hide his pain after knowing Heer’s decision and smiled seeing Heer. Kuldeep got call from Navjot who informed him that Heer has accepted to marry him. Heer says Beant Singh that she has brought stay order for Haveli and there will be no auction.

Heer comes to Ranjha and says if he is by her side in this decision too. The latter promises to be always around her to protect her. Heer says that Beant Singh is correct to say that only will with good fate have friends like Ranjha.

Ranjha returns home and breaks things around to vent out his frustration. He keeps washing his face repeatedly. Ranjha says he will just pray for Atwal’s to keep Heer happily or else they will have to face his wrath.

Kuldeep’s father advises Kuldeep to give Heer all the happiness. On other hand, Rajwinder gives shagun to Tanya saying that only she will become daughter in law of Atwal house. In the upcoming episode we will see whether Kuldeep realises his mother’s dirty plans or Heer becomes a victim of it.

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