Imlie 11th June 2021 Written Update: Imlie gets Tripathis released from lock up


Imlie 11th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Police arresting Tripathis. Sundar informs Aditya about it. Nishant tells Anu why she put them behind bars without sorting out the problem by discussing. Pankaj tells Anu to withdraw the case. Anu says they should blame Imlie for their condition. Imlie says she used Malini’s name to punish Tripathis now Anu is blaming her for her family’s situation. Anu says Imlie considers Tripathis as her own family. That’s the main problem. Now Tripathis will pay for it. Imlie says she will collect proofs.

Kunal waits for Imlie and thinks why she didn’t meet him for Satyakam’s case yet. He thinks of calling Malini to know about Imlie. Kunal calls her and informs Satyakam’s case date should be out today, delay is not good. Malini has to be with him from Imlie’s side as noone is picking up his calls. Dev asks Malini whom she is talking to? Malini says nothing important.

Aditya asks inspector why he put his family in lock up. Anu accuses Aditya of ruining Malini’s life after dating her for seven years. Aditya says divorce was not his decision only and Anu never wanted a son in law like him so why is it bothering her now. Anu tells inspector to lock him up.

Imlie goes to Chaturvedi house and talks to Dev. She recalls her promise to Anu that she won’t meet Dev. Dev asks her what happened. She says she won’t spare Anu if anything happens to Tripathis.

Aditya gets locked up in jail. Aparna says Anu is not even a good person the way she humiliated them. Rupy says they should inform Police that Malini was cheating on Aditya. Aditya says they won’t insult Malini for Anu’s fault. They can’t stoop low like her. He says he is trying his best to get them released. Imlie comes and says she will get them out of jail. She shows him one pendrive. Anu taunts her saying after spending one night in jail Tripathis will forget her. Anu badmouths her and asks what magic she applied that Malini’s life is destroyed.

Imlie holds her hand tightly and Tripathis tell her to not do it. Imlie says its important to teach lesson to Anu Tripathis are still worried for that person who put them behind bars, that’s the difference between right and wrong. Imlie gets Aditya’s phone and shows the footage to Anu where she is hitting Imlie with tube light. Imlie says she has many proofs against Anu the way she tortured her. Imlie says she can show it to Police and they will put Anu in jail for long time if she doesn’t withdraw her complaint. Anu gets shocked and scared.

Malini worries why Aditya her and others are not receiving her call. Kunal tells her why is she looking worried when he is preparing the argument for Satyakam’s hearing date. He questions Malini she must have no idea where is Pagdandiya. Malini explains everything about Pagdandiya and Satyakam’s story of being a protestor. Kunal gets impressed. He says he will use her words in front of judge. Malini says he doesn’t need to thank her for this.

Anu takes back her complaint and Inspector scolds her for wasting their time. Aparna cuts all ties with Anu and tells her not to enter Tripathi house. She says she won’t stop Malini and Aditya’s divorce now. Imlie threatens Anu saying if she again tries to trouble Tripathis Imlie can even chop off her hands. She has the pendrive still.

Precap – Malini wishes happy birthday to Aditya and informs Satyakam’s case hearing date got finalized also their divorce date. She gets emotional and Imlie notices them.

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