Imlie 11th March 2023 Written Update: Chini forcibly takes wedding pheras with Arto


The episode starts with Arto shouting at Chini that the discussion is over and he doesn’t love her and won’t marry her as well. Chini asks him to try to love her again. He says he won’t become her puppet. He attacks her goons and fights them. He gets punched by one of the goons. Chini claps seeing Arto’s fighting skills and she signals her men to set a death trap for Rana’s. She tells Arto not to move ahead else his family members will die one by one. Chini says she is feeling like filmy villain now. Rudra prays to God that someone should come for their rescue. Rana’s are tied up with ropes and they can’t move.

Imlie contacts the IT people to track the location of Chini’s number. Chini tells Arto that he is left with no option but marrying her. So he should not throw tantrums. He should love her like before. Arto says he was not aware of Chini’s reality earlier. She tells her goons to tie up Arto with rope as well. She says Imlie wont come to save him as the latter is at a temple maybe doing Mangal Karo Maiyan. Chini tells his men to snatch everyone’s phones and take out their sim cards. There Imlie keeps trying to track the numbers. One goon fails to tackle a phone and mistakenly takes picture. Other goon scolds her and they can’t delete the picture due to complicated features. They throw the phone in the Holika Dehen fire outside. There Rudra and Devika feel helpless seeing Arto. Rudra asks Chini to reconsider her decision else Rupy won’t like her actions if she learns it. Chini says if Rupy really loves her then she will be happy knowing about her marriage. Chini tells Arto that it’s their moment and he should focus on it. She says she doesn’t need any priest to perform the rituals. She will do it herself. Arto tells her to change her mind, he thinks he needs some time to think about an idea to save his family. Chini pulls the rope Arto is tied with and takes pheras with him. She takes vows saying she will have rights over him from now on. She will control him and his money both.

She will accept his family as her own family as long as she wants. She won’t let Imlie come between her and Arto else she will kill her. Imlie reaches Holika Dehen and one lady tells her to pray to God. Imlie finds Ginni’s phone there and understands Chini threw it away. She drives car to reach the godown and thinks this time Chini can’t do anything to her family or Arto. Arto stops going further and Chini asks him if he doesn’t love his family so he stopped. Imlie makes her entry there and Rana’s get happy to see her. Chini tells Imlie to not move else her family will die. Chini says now Imlie should also witness their last phera. Chini’s goons physically hurt Arto and the latter bends down. Rana’s get shocked. Imlie blows some gulal near the fan and the goons get distracted due to itching in their eyes. The heavy stuff is about to fall on Rana’s when the rope gets loosened. Imlie notices that.

Precap- Imlie and Arto take pheras around the holy fire. They take their own vows where noone can come between them and create rift between them. After pheras one guy gets up and calls Imlie. He says he is Dhairya. Imlie looks on.