Imlie 12th October 2021 Written Update: Harish Tripathi gets Hurt


Imlie 12th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Imlie walking with the teared pieces in her hands. She sets the form on the table with the pieces. She applies a plaster over there. She gives the form to a guy and asks to make a photo copy. Imlie prays Sita Goddess to make it successful. The paper comes perfect and she gets happy.

Malini calls her Mother and tells Anu about her tearing the form. Anu appreciates her. Anu says that she has also made a plan to make Meethi run away. Meethi hears this and is determined to stay. Malini says that she will never let them patch up. She says that she will block the way to reach Adithya. Imlie comrs there and says she has made new way for herself and as she felt that she likes to tear papers hence she us here to give her. She says these are the future of hers. She says a teacher should make her students future bright. She aaks her to decide whether she will make her future bright or dull.

Anu shouts at Meethi to bring coffee for her. It becomes difficult for Meethi to walk with the heels on. Meethi brings the coffee for her walking normally. Shr asks how she is walking normally. She shows her the broken heels. Anu panics and says they are expensive and says they are designer heels. Anu says hell with you to which Meethi says her the same and leaves from there.

On the dining table everyone is having the food. Imlie brings ice cream for them. Nani says she knows nothing like this and she will eat everything. Imlie serves the ice cream to everyone. Imlie says there is a good news. She says she has filled the form and has brought here. Malini thinks that she will get the internship and thinks what to do. Pankaj saya he already dominates everyone and she wants to work with him. Nishant asks her how she wants to become whethsr like Adithya or him. Imlie saya how can she become like him. Adithya says she will learn everything. Imlie asks him why would she learn to be boring like him. Everyone giggles hearing it. Rupali asks her to give the interview. Imlie becomes the reporter and questions Nani. She then asks Nishant whether the pain in his heart is because of Pallavi. He agrees. He says he misses Pallavi. She then asks Pankaj as to why he reads news paper a lot. Before he can say Malini pretends like puking and intentionally pours water on the form. Adithya takes the soaked paper. Aparna aaks her not to mind it. Adithya aaks her not to worry and she didn’t need it because he will make appointment letter foe her talking with the editor. Malini apologises. Imlie calls her suddenlyji. Imlie saya these days suddenly is coming into the house. Imlie says suddenly is becoming a little bit too much in the house. Malini says she can do in the next year. Adithya says she will in this year itself. Aparna asking Malini to sleep leaves from there saying from tomorrow it’s Navratri. Malini says she doesn’t understand whether she can say good night to her. Imlie says good night to her. She says from tomorrow it’s Navrati and she wishes for Goddess Durga to make her understand the importance of a Mother.

Next morning while discussing about the Navrati Pooja. Sundar dashes with Harish, tea falls on his head and he falls down. He holds his head shouting in pain. Everyone rushes to him and panics seeing him in that state. Radha comes there as well. Adithya aaks to make him lay on the sofa. He hears the door bell and about to leave but Imlie who has rushed there falla into his arms. They both look at each other. Malini looks at them. Imlie and Adithya break the eye lock and Malini shours at her to open the door. Imlie and Adithya are still staring at each other. Malini looks at them. The Screen Freezes On Malini.

Precap: A committee member saya that as they are asking, he will give one chance to Imlie. If she successfully brings the Goddess Durga Idol and decorates, she will be in the commitee. Harish tells Imlie that he is trusting her with this and asks her not to break it. Malini thinks that one mistake will lead to Imlie leaving the commitee. Imlie looks at Adithya.

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