Imlie 13th August 2022 Written Update: Imlie argues with Meethi for her negligence


Imlie 13th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aryan trying to take food from the dining table for Chini. He hides seeing Anu and Malini coming for dinner with his family. He thinks what Chini would like to eat. Nila sees him and asks him to have dinner with them. Malini says Anu wanted to have dinner with Rathores so they came over. Arpita says they invited themselves. Aryan takes the salad plate and is about to leave but then notices what Jaggu is eating. Preeta asks Malini to give an advice so that Aryan gives full attention to her. Malini tell her to serve food to him.

Aryan says he will eat in his room. He exchanges the salad plate with Jaggu’s food. Jaggu says he won’t share his food. Aryan says he needs to lose some weight so he should eat salad. Arpita scolds him for snatching Jaggu’s food and gives another plate to Aryan and he leaves with that.

Malini tells Preeta to go behind him. Anu asks her why she is doing that. Malini says she separated Imlie and Aryan and now she doesn’t care whoever is going near Aryan. Imlie gets restless and asks the police whether Chini is found or not. Police says they have other jobs to do as Chini gets lost frequently. Imlie decides to find Chini on her own and Meethi asks her to stop as Chini is not alone. Imlie says she will fulfil a duty of a mother and she leaves the house at night. Meethi tries to stop her by making excuses but in vain. Imlie says even if she dies to find Chini, she doesn’t care.

Meethi starts crying. Aryan searches for Chini in his room and can’t find her. He takes her name and looks for her in his house. Preeta says she knows where is Chini. That’s in the kitchen. Aryan feels relaxed knowing she is talking about sugar. He tells her to bring it. Aryan wonders why Imlie gave such a weird name to Chini.

Chini calls Meethi and the latter says she has to inform Imlie about her as Imlie is crying a lot. Chini says they have to keep it a secret for some days. Meethi promises her, Imlie takes the phone from her and talks to Chini. Chini gets shocked to hear her voice. She takes Imlie’s name loudly. Malini hears that and goes to check who took Imlie’s name.

Arpita says maybe Aryan took Imlie’s name. Narmada says noone takes Imlie’s name here now. Malini goes to check where Chini is standing. Chini leaves from there on time. Malini sees Imlie’s name on the phone and says she just hates her. Nila says they don’t even like to talk about Imlie. Imlie cuts the call and argues with Meethi why she let Chini go to Rathore Mansion without thinking?

Malini and Nila are there to harm Chini, Malini wronged Chini when she was five years old. Meethi says she trusts Aryan that’s why she didn’t stop Chini. Aryan won’t let anyone harm Chini. Imlie says then why is she handling Chini all alone from last five years. Why he was not there? Imlie leaves to take Chini back from Delhi. Meethi cries. Malini says she will go to any extent but won’t get Imlie and Aryan united again. Aryan takes Chini to his room and tells her to not roam around all the time. He says she is desperate just like Imlie. Chini teases him saying Aryan knows Imlie well.

Precap- Imlie gets inside Aryan’s house with covering her body. Aryan also goes in front of her. They try to touch each other with closed eyes. Imlie’s tear falls on his hand and they feel each other’s presence.

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