Imlie 13th July 2022 Written Update: Imlie pretends to faint to avoid getting arrested


Imlie 13th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie telling Aryan that Malini didn’t change yet. Aryan says Imlie also didn’t change. He says why she is not understanding that she can’t repeat the same mistake. She is hurting herself and he won’t be there to save her all the time. Imlie says she witnessed everything in Malini’s house today.

She doesn’t love Gudiya but she wants to use her to take revenge. She left her on road. She called her as burden too. She can’t leave Gudiya in Malini’s hands now. Aryan says but they can’t take legal action as Malini is Gudiya’s mother and she knows acting. She will prove it in the court easily that Imlie is trying to separate her from her child. They can’t prove her a bad mother.

Imlie cries saying she can’t let Malini ruin Gudiya’s life, Gudiya has noone who loves her. Suddenly an ambulance arrives and they think why it came. Malini brings Gudiya and the driver tells her that he will handle everything. She doesn’t like his approach because he belongs to a village.

She gets angry at him and badmouths him saying he is noone to lecture her and she won’t stand a illiterate again. She tells Anu to call another ambulance. Gudiya cries constantly. Aryan loses his calm but Imlie says she will save Gudiya from Malini. She takes her away when Malini was busy in conversation. Aryan tells Imlie that she shouldn’t have taken Gudiya away from Malini without her permission.

Imlie says she is just saving Gudiya nothing else. Gudiya gets admitted to the hospital and doctor says she needs blood, her condition is critical. Aryan says Imlie is not a superwoman, she can’t save everyone. That’s Malini’s baby and Imlie should think about Cheeku. Imlie says only Malini has involved them in this, they didn’t go to her. So how can she just leave Gudiya near Malini who doesn’t even care for her child.

Imlie says she will donate blood to Gudiya but Aryan says he has same blood group so he will donate to Gudiya. Imlie is pregnant. Aryan leaves and Malini arrives at the hospital with Police. Malini accuses Imlie of stealing her baby. Imlie says no child kidnapper takes a child to a hospital. She says Malini doesn’t love her kid thus she took her away.

Malini starts drama that how can she say that she is not concerned for her baby. Police says Imlie shouldnt have taken the baby without her mother’s permission. Imlie acts like fainting and nurses take her from there for treatment. Aryan is not allowed to see whats happening because he is donating blood. Malini wakes Imlie up and tells her to stop acting.

Imlie smiles and says now she will win over her at every stage. She calls Malini as terrorist who wants to burn her happiness and shamelessly using an innocent baby for that. Malini laughs at her saying she just wants Imlie’s destruction and she wants her to cry relentlessly and she will ensure that. The baby gains consciousness and Malini stops Imlie from going to her baby.

Aryan asks Imlie if she is fine. She says they have to save Gudiya anyhow. Anu tells Malini why did she tell the truth to Imlie? Now she can take action and even call Tripathis. Aryan has his own contacts too. Malini says Imlie cant win this time. She will suffer because of the baby and Tripathis can’t get involved too. She lost Aditya because of her. Anu tells her to calm down. Malini adds she will send Gudiya to orphanage after fulfilling the purpose.

There Imlie misses Gudiya and goes to the hospital and Nila tells Narmada to stop her as she is again going out. Narmada questions Imlie but the latter makes excuse that she is going for check up. Aryan also promises Narmada he will take care of Imlie. Nila says Narmada is innocent, she doesnt know Imlie is fooling her and going to meet Aditya’s baby.

Precap- Aryan tells Imlie to not take action against Malini and it’s her business to handle Gudiya. Imlie should back off and he doesn’t want Police involvement in this matter too. Imlie gets disappointed.

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