Imlie 14th March 2022 Written Update: Narmada refuses to accept the marriage of Imlie and Aryan


Imlie 14th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with aunt scolding Narmada and insulting Imlie. Aryan says Imlie is his wife. He had no idea they are coming. Aunt says she also had no idea he will give her such a shock. Aryan says she doesn’t know Imlie. After she will know her she won’t speak like this.

Gudiya acts like crying and tells aunt that they lost everything. She blames Aryan saying they used to love each from other then why he married someone else. Aryan finds its weird and Imlie controls her laughter seeing Gudiya’s drama. Imlie then says sorry to her and aunt shouts at her saying I even matched the horoscopes but everything is finished now. Imlie says she didn’t know about it.

Aryan says he doesn’t believe in all this.
He says the marriage will happen for sure. Imlie thinks she will do something that will fail Aryan’s plan. Aryan this his plan will be better than Imlie’s plan. Imlie touches Narmada’s feet and feels bad as she can’t tell her the truth. Aryan also takes her blessings and Narmada hugs Imlie and him. Aunt says if Narmada’s husband was alive this wouldn’t have happened. Imlie’s teardrop falls on Aryan’s hand.

Imlie looks at herself in the mirror. She recalls her first marriage and says she can’t let anything control her life. This vermilion can’t change things in her life. She tries to remove it but Arpita comes to give her tea. Arpita questions her whether she got pressurized by Aryan and is this the part of revenge plan. Imlie lies that she gave her consent for this marriage. Arpita says she is happy that Imlieh came into their lives. Arpita leaves the room and finds Aryan was overhearing their conversation.

Arpita says she doubted hishh decision and thus she talked to Imlie. Arpita says Imlie is important for her just how Arvind ish important for Aryan. Aryan says she should not compare Imlie with Arvind. He consoles her. Arpita says he loves Imlie he proved that. Aryan says he just wants to protect her from Aditya. Arpita says when you love someone you want to protect that person from the world. Arpita then tells Aryan to share the room with Imlie. Aryan feels hesitant and says Narmada didn’t witness their marriage yet. Arpita says she will convince her. She tells him all the best.

Aunt tells Narmada she should have checked Aryan and Imlie’s horoscopes. She made the same mistake in Arpita’s case and Arvind died. She provokes Narmada to check the horoscopes. Aryan enters the room and explains to Imlie that Arpita locked him in the room as they are married. He diverts the topic and asks Imlie to think about her career.

Imlie throws pillows at him angrily and says he ruined her life and now asking about her career. Aryan says as she always takes wrong decisions. Her first mistake was resigning from the job. Imlie says she can leave as Aditya is free from the accusations. Aryan says he still has the video against him. Imlie says she just hates him for what he did. He pulls her closer saying then why she didn’t tell the truth to Narmada or Arpita. Imlie says he is a devil not she. She can’t hurt his family as they are not responsible for his deed.

She can’t hurt their emotions. Imlie goes to sleep and thinks Aryan is trying to sleep with her and she warns him. Aryan takes the pillow and sleeps on couch. He says from tomorrow she wont get enough sleep as their marriage rituals will begin. She thinks she won’t let it happen. Narmada says she won’t repeat the same mistake and she will check the horoscopes. Aunt smirks.

Imlie wakes up and sees Aryan is working on laptop. She can’t sleep due to AC temperature. She turns it off. Aryan turns it on. Both of them repeat it. Imlie gets into an argument with him and says she can’t sleep like this. Aryan says it’s already morning as he is feeling hot. She says he woke up at 3am so thats not her problem. She asks for the AC remote but he doesn’t give her. She says she will get angry and the remote breaks after she forcibly tries to take the remote.

Aryan mocks her. Narmada comes and says she called priest to check the horoscopes of them. She says she won’t repeat the mistake like she did in Arvind’s time. If their horoscopes dont match she won’t accept this marriage. Aryan says they are already married and Narmada should not believe in superstitions. Narmada doesnt listen and leaves. Imlie tells Aryan she knows it will never match.

Rupy tells Aparna that Imlie and Aryan will get officially married. Aditya says their horoscopes will never match as Sita Maiya made Aditya and Imlie’s pair. Priest says Aryan and Imlie’s horoscopes are totally opposite. it will destroy their lives. Narmada says she loves Imlie but can’t accept this marriage now. Aryan leaves in anger. Aunt and Gudiya discuss about their planning. The priest is an actor and he takes money from aunt. He changes his clothes and Aryan sees him. He thinks Imlie hired this fake priest. Now it’s his turn to change the game.

Precap- Aryan calls many priests to check their horoscopes.

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