Imlie 14th October 2021 Written Update: Imlie makes a New Idol


Imlie 14th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Aparna asking for the ninth Idol. Sundar says that he has brought all the idols. Malini takes the idol in her hands and apologises to the Goddess for doing so. Imlie asks whether they hsve forgot one in the truck. Imlie asks to stop seeing a servant and they both go to search the idol. Imlie doesn’t get the idol. Imlie takes sand into her hand. Malini sneaks into her room.

The committee member is unhappy amd says it is wrong. Radha says he is right. Aparna asks Rupali to search for Imlie. The committee member saya she has failed. Malini thinks that if they didn’t get the Idol then everyone will lose trust on her. She wonders where to keep the Idol. Aparna comes there with the tablets and knocks on the door. Malini panics not understanding where to keep the Idol.

Pankaj asks to bring a new Idol. Nishant says that Idols are over. The committee member is upset. He says she didn’t even apologise. Nani asks Sundar to arrange for snacks. The committee member saya he is not here to eat snacks. Adithya thinks that Imlie will do something if she gets some time.

Aparna keeps on knocking the door and opens it. She sees Malini and asks what has happened to her. She has her medicine.

Imlie makes idol seeing the pic. Adithya says that hr understood how hard he works. He says he should take their interview. He says this is not about nine days, it’s about their unity. Nishant agrees with him. The committee member asks whether he will take a pic. Everyone keeps him busy in interview. Rupali gives the snacks to everyone. Pankaj teases Adithya. Imlie makes the Idol with her hands. Imlie comes to Rupali and sees her crying. She asks what happened. Rupali says nothing and asks to go. Rupali shares about Pranav. Imlie consoles her.

Rupali says he used to sit with her when she used to decorate the Goddess. He says he has moved on but she is still struck. She says she only remembers his love. Imlie consoles her. Rupali praises her for her mature thoughts. She says she is happy that they are close with heart. Imlie panics remembering about the Idol. She asks for blow dryer. Rupali gives her. Aditya searches for Imlie and sees her with the blow dryer and gets mesmerised seeing her. Adithya asks her what she is doing. Adithya asks Nishant to take the interviews. He goes behind Imlie who has gone. Imlie is drying the Idol with the blow dryer. The man says that she works hard eben after they shout at her. Imlie says she got second chance and she can’t do another mistake. Adithya decides to bring the idol and leaves on his bike. The Screen Freezes On Imlie.

Precap: Imlie sees Malini giving the idol to someone and she gets shocked seeing her.

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