Imlie 15th December 2022 Written Update: Chini rejects Abhishek


Imlie 15th December 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Arto telling the goons not to misbehave with Imlie and he doesn’t have enough time to waste. They still talk nonsense and Arto beats them up. The goons get their lesson and apologise to him and he tells them to say sorry to Imlie. He asks them who sold them the bangles. They reply they have no idea about that. Imlie thanks Atharv for his help to which he says it was his duty to save her. They come back home and Rudra feels proud of them saying nothing can go wrong if Arto and Imlie are there to solve it. He hugs Arto and Kia Akash get irked. Imlie tells Arto that she wants to say sorry to Naina. She calls her to sort the issues between them. She says she will attend Naina’s concerts.

Arto gets impressed seeing Imlie’s approach of making friends. She says forgiveness can end every fight and create happy memories. He thinks but the way he is betraying her by lying one sorry is not enough to compensate for that. Chini thinks she has to get rid of Abhishek. She makes excuse of Rupy’s sickness and goes away to pretend to call her. Abhishek asks Arpita if they are all good? Arpita says Rupy is fine and he wonders why Chini told a lie. Chini comes back and says Rupy is better. Imlie and Arto go out for a long drive and Imlie tells him to stop the car near a tea stall where Chini is sitting with Abhishek. Chini leaves seeing them.

Imlie orders tea and Arto says he will order something else. They learn that paan is popular here. Arto says he is a fan of Amitabh Bachchan. Chini takes aside Abhishek and clears out that she is not that typical romantic girl who wants love. She needs comfort which he cant give her so they should part ways. He deserves a great life partner. He says he likes her honesty. He leaves and Chini thinks even after the insult he left with a smile. Arto eats the paan and feels intoxicated. He drives the car and starts singing loudly. She asks him if he is okay. He loses the balance and the car meets with an accident.

Arto gets injured and Imlie gets tensed for him. She brings him back home and he gains conciousness. He gets confused and asks her how did he end up losing his sense. She says she brought him back with people’s help and he should take rest as he consumed the paan. Maybe that paan was spiked. She goes to cook and he feels good.

Chini shows fake concern to Arto and the latter says Imlie always takes care of him but he does nothing but lying to her. Chini says then he should tell the truth. Divya and Shivani taunt Imlie and Devika suggests them to go for yatra in order to find peace. Imlie goes to open the door when the bell rings. One cop asks her about the car outside who is the owner of that? Imlie recalls Arto was driving it and she says she drives it. Arto comes to talk to her and cop says Imlie is under arrest. Everyone gets shocked.

Episode ends

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