Imlie 15th July 2022 Written Update: Imlie takes help of the orphanage Manager to expose Malini


Imlie 15th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie making Gudiya fall asleep. She gets emotional and cries hugging her. Imlie notices orphanage form and thinks it means Malini is planning to give her daughter to orphanage, Malini comes behind her and asks her to leave her house as Gudiya stopped crying. Imlie hides the form from her and decides to expose Malini. She asks Malini which name she will give to Gudiya? Malini says this baby is just a toy for her which she is using against Imlie but she will deny it in front of the whole world and will act as if she loves her baby more than anything.

Imlie says she arranged a puja at Rathod Mansion for babies’ good health and future. Its an old custom in her village which she follows. So she invites Malini and Anu at her home to attend the puja. Anu says she is not interested to attend that but Malini says they will go there for sure.

Imlie takes Aryan to the orphanage where Malini planned to send Gudiya. Aryan says first she apologised to Malini and then invited her for puja, what is she doing? Imlie takes him inside the orphanage and gets to know from the manager that Anu is giving her huge donation for the progress of the orphanage and in return she is hiding that Malini is Gudiya’s mother.

Imlie makes Aryan understand that Malini is not interested to raise Gudiya and she didn’t even decide a name for her child yet. She knows she can’t judge Malini’s motherhood but Gudiya can’t be happy with her. Aryan asks her whats her plan? Imlie shares it with the manager and Aryan. Aryan says Imlie is again doing the same thing by forgetting herself to do good for her family. She should not lose herself in this process.

Imlie says she can’t leave Gudiya in this orphanage. She is her Maasi. Aryan says he is called as selfish just because he wants her to worry for their child. Imlie ensures him that she will take care of himself and Aryan should support her being her partner. Aryan says he will do that but keeping Imlie’s safety in mind.

Anu asks Malini that Imlie just wants to prove her a bad mother in the Puja then why she accepted her invitation. Malini throws a ball and makes the cradle fall down. She says she is tired of trapping Imlie in her own games now Imlie will fall into her own trap which she is thinking to use against Malini. Malini and Anu arrive during the Puja and Anu says her daughter really loves her baby and Malini also starts showing off.

Nila asks Imlie why she invited them. Anu taunts Imlie for getting respect despite being a maid. Imlie waits for the manager’s arrival to expose Malini. During puja Gudiya starts crying and Anu tries to feed milk to her. Imlie tells Malini to take her baby to somewhere else as she might be afraid seeing crowd here.

Malini tells Gudiya to stop crying and says noone consoled her when she used to cry alone then she won’t stop Gudiya too. She puts the milk on a plant and leaves. Malini tells Imlie that Gudiya finished the milk but still crying. Anu gives her Prasad and she eats.

Imlie goes to check thinking Gudiya is sick thus doctor was talking about giving blood to her. She sees the milk on the plant and feels bad for Gudiya. She says Gudiya doesn’t deserve a cruel mother like Malini. She feeds her milk and goes back to attend the puja. The manager of the orphanage arrives. Malini looks tensed seeing her.

Precap- Aryan holds Gudiya in his arms and Imlie stands on the stairs. She slips all of a sudden and falls from the stairs. Aryan is shocked to see that but he fails to save her as he is holding Gudiya. Imlie falls down the stairs.

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