Imlie 15th October 2021 Written Update: The committee member apologises to Imlie


Imlie 15th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Sundar and the family keeping the committee member busy in the photo and interview session. Nishant butters him with his words. Malini says the time is up for Aarti. The committee member says that they didn’t get Imlie till now. Malini thinks that the Goddess Durga is on her side and that’s why whatever she wanted is happening. Nani stands with them and pouts. They continue with the photo session. Imlie goes to bring water when she sees Malini giving away the Idol to someone. Imlie thinks that she should have understood it before itself. Malini sees Imlie. She comes to her.

Anu comes of the room to see Meethi blowing the Shankh. She gets Irritated and shouts. Dev says after a very long positivity came to the house and asks to not to spread negative. Anu asks them to celebrate because Imlie will be humiliated. Meethi says that the Goddess is with Imlie.

Malini says that so she has seen. She asks her to say to the family. Imlie says now the Idol is with someone and she can’t snatch the Idol. Imlie asks her why she has become bad that she forgot that she had good in her. Malini says she is doing the right thing. Imlie asks her to change for her baby. She asks her not to break Adithya’s trust. She says all of them will be staying together. Malini says she has become alone and they didn’t understand her Sacrifice. She says she will definitely get what is hers. She says that soon his trust will be out of her. Imlie says to the committee that they got the Idol. She goes out to see the Idol missing. The committee member gets angry. Imlie wonders as to how did the Idol disappeared. They hear the Shankh sound and goes inside to see Adithya blowing it. Adithya says he brought the Idol from the truck. He says mistake was his but everyone accused her. The committee member apologises to her. Imlie asks Adithya as to how did he get the Idol. He says the truck driver has told him as to how did she made the Idol in minutes. Nani asks everyone to get ready.

A man sees someone and calls Adithya. Adithya asks him whether he got the lead. The man says he got the tip and says it is very dangerous. Adithya says he don’t want to take the chance and he wants to get the news. Malini asks him where he is going. Adithya says it is something important and leaves from there telling them there is no danger. Imlie says to Adithya that there is soo much of work for her and she can’t come to save him this time. Adithya asks her not to worry. He asks her to groom so that they can do Aarti together. Malini eavssdrops on them.

Imlie says to the family that they still have soo much of work to do even after Adithya left. She asks Harsh to bath and asks Rupali to watch on Pankaj that he don’t touch newspaper. Malini thinks that she is tired of loosing all the time infront of her but this time there will be a huge problem for her.

Adithya comes and meets the man who tells him that there is soo much of danger here and asks him to let it be for now. Adithya asks him to wipe his sweat. Adithya asks him to leave. Adithya sneaks into the house hiding from the security. He catches one guard and makes him unconscious. A man sees Adithya. Adithya starts taking video of whatever is happening infront of him. The Screen Freezes.

Precap: Adithya opening the door runs out. A man comes to catch him. Adithya jumps from the bridge and rushes away on his bike.

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